State leader Li Zhanshu tells HK to learn from Macau

State leader Li Zhanshu has praised Macau for fully implementing the Basic Law since its handover 20 years ago, adding that it is time for Hong Kong to follow Macau by grasping the “spirit of the central government.”

Lei Pui-lam, a member of the Macao SAR Basic Law Committee of the NPC, said Macao has made great strides in promoting the Constitution and the Basic Law among all sectors of society, including school textbook editions, which are an important part of patriotic education.

Li also urged the Macao SAR to continue establishing and improving institutions and mechanisms to safeguard national security.

He said Macao should prohibit and punish any act that seriously endangers national security — including treason, secession, sedition or subversion of the central people’s government — and resolutely deter outside forces from interfering in Macao affairs.



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Dec. 04, 2019