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CCP’s Lying diplomacy

Brief comments:

What are the most significant export products of the Chinese Communist Party? Corruptions and lies! Zhao Lijian, as a spokesperson of this regime, has become synonymous with lies. Given the irrefutable evidence shown regarding Biden-CCP collusion, Zhao’s recent statement at the press briefing slapped himself on the face: “China doesn’t export ideology, interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs…”

Pompeo, Secretary of State, said:” Communists almost always lie. The biggest lie that they tell is to think that they speak for 1.4 billion people who are surveilled, oppressed, and scared to speak out.”However, to silence 1.4 billion people is not enough, the CCP output more lies and corruption to cover themselves. A recent example is, in front of all the allegations based on facts towards the Biden family,this criminal family simply copied CCP style by denying every fact and calling it “smears”, and all the left-wing media have kept quiet just as the censored CCP media outlets.

“When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.” ―by Thomas Paine, English-born American political activist, philosopher, political theorist and revolutionary.

The following is the snippets of Zhao’s remarks, published on the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Office’s Wechat Account.

Zhao Lijian: American Politicians Measure China’s corn by America’s bushel

Q According to the “Foreign Ministry Spokesman’s Office”, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October 22, a reporter asked: the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs O’Brien published an article in the U.S. Foreign Affairs magazine on October 21, claiming that the CCP’s ideological agenda extends far beyond the country’s borders and represents a threat to the idea of democracy itself. Does China have any response to this?

Zhao Lijian: O’Brien is judging China’s intentions by the United States’ mindset. His claim is ignorant of history and reality, full of strong ideological bias and the Cold-War mentality. By hyping up ideological confrontation, a small group of U.S. politicians is trying to drag the world into a new Cold War. It is against the trend of the times to revive McCarthyism, an unpopular act that is doomed to fail.

As we repeatedly stressed, the path chosen by a country is based on its own cultural traditions and history. No force is in the position to denigrate the development path chosen by another country, and no country will change its system to suit others’ desires. China doesn’t export ideology, interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs, seek to alter others’ systems, or intend to have an ideological confrontation with the United States or any other country. We act on our words.

If the United States is candid enough, it can declare its intention to the world like China did: the United States doesn’t seek to export ideology, change other countries’ political systems, or meddle in others’ internal affairs. Once made by the U.S. government, I believe all will warmly welcome such a commitment.

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ccp must go to hell, take down the ccp