PLA Sends Anti-submarine Plane to Taiwan Strait

The Chinese army’s Y-8 anti-submarine patrol plane was sent to the Taiwan Strait for live-fire exercises. The Peoples Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command has published three posts about the plane on its WeChat.

The Chinese state media quoted from Li Jie, a former researcher at the PLA Naval Research Academy, that the aircraft is “tasked with detecting enemy submarines and sinking them if needed. “

“The United States Navy has frequently sent its carrier strike groups to China’s coastal waters, including the Taiwan Straits, and such groups have advanced nuclear-powered attack submarines,” Li said.”The US Navy never reports developments of its submarines’ tasks. In addition, Japanese submarines are often dispatched to waters near us. How could we know what they have done in our waters?”

A Chinese defense insider said: “It is the best choice when it comes to anti-submarine warfare because compared with other aircraft, say fighter jets, it can carry more instruments, fly farther and longer and can execute more kinds of tasks,”

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to show off its military capabilities at the Taiwan Strait as the US-CCP relation is worsening after the pandemic and Biden scandal.

The Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is taking a tougher stance and started to threaten the US as Biden’s “Laptop From Hell” is being exposed.

According to Chinese dissident Miles Guo, the CCP might resort to invading Taiwan to prolong its reign over China.

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ccp must go to hell