Lude Media: The Person Who Helped Hunter Biden Use Drugs in the Photo is Mulan!

On October 22, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo posted a photo of Hunter Biden on his G-TV Getter: “October 22, Hunter Biden, where are they using drugs? Who’s helping him use drugs? Stay tuned for Lude’s show, which is coming soon.”

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Soon, Mr. Lude posted the photo on his Twitter: “Let’s see who this guy was and where he was. What was he doing? This evening in the Lude Media Show I will disclose where exactly in Beijing Hunter Biden was using drugs and who was helping him. Who was helping him use drugs? We will have breaking news on the hard drives and Biden!” 

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Then, in the evening, Lude revealed in his show the details behind the drug using photo of Hunter Biden’s:

1. The photo is a screenshot of a video;

2. The main character in the photo is Hunter Biden, who was using drugs;

3. It can be seen from the photo that there were about three people at the scene;

4. The house where Hunter Biden used drugs is a private club owned by Hongwei Zhang [1,2] of the Beijing Oriental Group;

5. This is breaking: the person who helped Hunter Biden use drugs is Yifei Liu – Mulan!

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Based on public records, Hongwei Zhang was born in 1954, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. He has a master degree and is a senior economist. He is currently the Chairman of the board of directors of the Oriental Group [3], honorary Chairman and director of Oriental Group Co. LTD, Chairman of United Energy Group Co. LTD [4], and Vice Chairman of China Minsheng Bank Co. LTD [5].

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Lude also revealed that Hongwei Zhang is the key person helping Yifei Liu with her finance, and Yifei Liu carries out the “BGY” project for the CCP abroad. Hongwei Zhang has also been involved in lots of military projects and in energy industry such as the oil industry overseas. He has registered companies in the United States, Singapore, Pakistan and elsewhere that will all be seized under the RICO Act in the future.

Earlier, Lude Media revealed that Yifei Liu was a mistress kept by Xinyu Yue and has since become the CCP’s “BGY” tool overseas. Yifei Liu has gained the nick name “Billion Yifei” earlier, and now with the drug using photo of Hunter Biden’s, she won the title of “Drug Yifei”. She has completely become the overseas “BGY” weapon of the CCP.

Stay tuned for more information to be revealed in Lude’s program!







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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

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ccp must go to hell



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