Gao Bingchen—- A Pro-democracy Imposters in Canada

Himalaya Farm Canada Mr. Jiang

Proof reader Amy

The whole world is under attack from Chinese Communist Party with their deliberately released weaponized virus. China’s totalitarian authority planned this years ago. We received this intelligence and publicized it in 2017, but unfortunately nobody paid attention to this information. We warned the world about this bio-weapon attack on January 2 of this year, but was again ignored. We verified and reported this pandemic to the world with the information supplied by Dr. Limeng Yan, who risked everything she had to expose the truth but were denied as well. Dr. Limeng Yan is an expert virologist who worked in P3 bio lab in HK, she escaped by the skin of her teeth from Hong Kong to US to expose the true origin of this deadly virus. She is now persecuted by all powers deployed by Chinese authorities including many major media in the world.

Mr. Gao Bingchen(Chinese name:高冰尘), who lives in Vancouver, is a CCP agent who has been working for Chinese government to spread lies and disinformation. During the pandemic he did his best to help the Chinese Communist regime to cover up the truth about the virus and recently he has been defaming the heroic scientist Dr. Yan and misleading the public.

The fugitive billionaire Mr. Miles Guo is a sworn enemy of Chinese Communist regime. Miles is the first to report and warn the world about the potential bio-weapon attack. Miles and his business partners have been robbed more than 100 billion dollars of assets both in China and Hong Kong by the Chinese government. His youngest brother was murdered by Chinese police in front of Miles’ wife in 1989 when he tried to protect Miles’s wife and her baby from their bullet. The police prevented the wounded young brother getting medical assistance which caused him bleeding to death at the scene. The baby girl and her mother survived and are now live in New York thanks to the sacrifice of the younger brother. What happened to Miles’ family is happening to many Chinese families every second in both China and Hong Kong. Miles had worked with the top politicians in China for 30 years and he collected evidence of many scandals of the Chinese government officials and politicians all over the world, including the disks of hard drives about the collusion between Biden family and Chinese government. China’s secret police department have used all means available to prevent Miles Guo from exposing these horrific secrets to the world.

Gao Bingchen is also part of the group who is aiding and abating the Chinese government to suppress and attack Miles’s whistle-blower efforts.

The Chinese dissidents all over the world are working together to fight the vicious Chinese Communist regime who has infiltrated all levels of the western government, businesses, institutions, judicial systems and education systems. We are trying to pool our resources to start good and legitimate businesses in Canada.

However Gao Bingchen and his accomplices fabricated evidence to defame and discredit our endeavour. He and his accomplices are neither participants nor victims of our businesses. They attacked us simply because we challenge the CCP regime and expose the truth about the Virus. All of their so called evidence is false but it is so ridiculous that BCSC bought it.
What BCSC did has shaken our confidence in Canadian rule of law so profoundly that we have to reconsider whether to establish our potentially billion-dollar business here in Canada. What BCSC did indicate to us that there is no promising future to develop any financial business in Canada if this abusive of power continues.

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6 months ago

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

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take down ccp