Barack Obama Was involved in Biden scandal? Daily Express — 2020.10.23

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key Points:

  1. Barack Obama Was involved in in Biden scandal.
  2. Sen. Kamala Harris, listed as ‘key contacts’ for Biden family business venture projects.
  3. Whopping  contract price paid to Biden family from CCP.
  4. Lude Media is one of the whistleblower in Biden’s Laptop Matters.


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@Blair Brandt

Who is more upset about President Trump winning the debate last night?

Chinese Communist Party   83.2%

Joe Biden                             4.3%

Big Tech                               3%


Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG



October 23, the CCP is ready to go to war with the whole world by kidnapping 1.4 billion people again as its best weapon. Western world, are you ready?

Otc 23:What is the purpose of Hunter Biden borrowing money from Bohai Harvest RST?

Otc 22: The whopping contract price was paid to Biden family for collaboration with CCP’s intelligence department; We appreciate our front line fellow fighters in mainland China for risking their lives to provide us intelligence.(Full English Report):

Otc 22:The real good material needed for a real crocodile skin jacket! This is the best Hermes crocodile skin jacket with the price calculated by inch… This is a motorcycle jacket specially prepared for our fellow fighters!

Otc 22: Hunter Biden,Where is he taking drug? Who is helping him? Please watch Lude Media later

Dr Li-Meng YAN :            COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

Steve Bannon War Room

War Room: Pandemic Ep 451 – The Final Throwdown (w/ Dave Ramaswamy and Rudy Giuliani)

James Biden writes to #HunterBiden about @JoeBiden meeting with “the O” about “outrageous acquisitions” and “the two biggest days of our business life” in an e-mail from October 1, 2017.

We know who “The Big Guy” is…

Who is “the O”? Any idea @BarackObama?

Is this the dirty #CCP Diamond #Hunter claimed he did not have? The one he got from Ye Jianming who swims with the fishes. (note date/location) #LaptopFromHell “I knew it wasn’t a good idea to take it.”

The American people must see the contents of #HunterBiden hard drive to weigh and measure whether that is the behavior they want to see around the @WhiteHouse

@RudyGiuliani: #HunterBiden was a drug addict forced to be a bag man. He had no chance.

Hunter was a sitting duck for #CCP. This is a major natsec problem even more than a financial problem.

Rather than securing the young girl from the #Biden family who was exploited by #HunterBiden, local Delaware police punted it to the #FBI

War Room: Pandemic Ep 452 – In the Arena

@MatthewTyrmand: We must shine the light, make #BevanCooneyEmails transparent, force action through groundswells. Concentric circles of criminality go right back to the #BidenCrimeFamily; Feds must move quickly. It’s not a coincidence that #BevanCooney is in solitary confinement, away from people who could break the story, with 12 days to go before #Election2020

Lude Media:

10/21/2020 Morning Show :

Joe Biden and Ye Jianming (PLA member) CEFC has a joint venture, China Sinohawk Holdings ,monopolizes Russian oil and gas exports and steals NATO’s cutting-edge military technology . 

Its CEO Bobulinshi (military family) The New York Post confirmed that Joe Biden has holdings and participated in decision-making.

Western politicians trade Russian oil and gas profits and NATO military technology for money laundering channels.

The US military may be infiltrated too.

FBI China experts turn to Lude Media for help.

10/22/2020 Night Show:

FBI Director Wray has actually been fired. Giuliani will be acting director.

The shining star Yifei Liu(the Heroine of Movie Mulan) Hunter Biden took a drug photo at the Beijing Oriental Group which is a CCP’s Private Club in 2013)

The Bannon War Room tweeted @ Obama : 2017.10.1 JamesBiden wrote an email to HunterBiden about “Joe Biden will discuss the horrible acquisition with O. These two days are the most important days in our lives.” Whom did the email O refers to? It is self-explanatory.


With the Hunter Biden laptop being investigated by the FBI for money laundering, child pornography, & massive financial deals- America has a right to see the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. #BidensLaptopMatters #BLM

HUGE BREAKING: New Emails from Biden’s Brother Show Barack Obama Was In On It via @gatewaypundit #BidensLaptopMatters  


Communist China Fake News

CCP news media Netease( Luther Media about Biden scandal was deleted in seconds.

Whistleblower’s Movement popular glossary

Lude Media:

Lude (Wang DingGang) is the founder of Lude Media, the main program channel. There are two additional programs under Lude Media channel: Lude Interview and Lude Times. Lude Media was created on YouTube in March 2017. The purpose of these channels is to create an independent news platform that can disseminate the truth about the CCP. Lude started broadcasting Whistle-Blower Movement which was founded by Guo WenGui in 2017, and firmly believes that Guo WenGui will be the most perfect “Grave-Digger” for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Whistleblower’s Movement has played a leading role in debunking CCP deception and spreading the truth. Exposing their BGY plan (Blue: Control of the Internet Gold: Influence through payoffs. Yellow: Assert control over key people through sex and seduction) and 3F plan (Foment weakness of America. Foment chaos in America. Foment the destruction of America). In addition, Lude’s channels fully implemented the concept of truthfulness in media, which has made more people believe and participate in the Whistleblower’s movement. In addition, Lude’s channels fully implemented the concept of truthfulness in media, which has made more people believe and participate in the Whistleblower’s movement. Lude’s channels, hosted by Lude, along with interview guests: An Hong, Sara, Ellie, and Dr. Bo, are simultaneously live broadcast twice a day, morning and night[1]. They focus on all aspects of the battle between the United States and the CCP, including the role of the pandemic. With his sharp thinking and vision, Mr. Lude shows his audience how each action of the CCP and the United States is pushing the CCP towards exposure and downfall. He conducts interviews, including with people in the Whistleblower’s Movement (for example Guo WenGui, Steve Bannon) and reveals the “BGY” by the CCP of overseas individuals and organizations, and how the Chinese people have been persecuted under the CCP regime.

Now Lude Media is one of the whistleblower in Biden’s Laptop Matters.

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