Every Penny That Europeans Spend on Oil and Gas is Taxed to the Biden Family!


Quote: Lude Media

Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski issued a statement in the New York Post yesterday stating that Jobe is the “BIG GUY” that holds 10% of the company.This trade is realized through a contract that pays 10 million US dollars to Hunter Biden in the form of “consultant fees” for a three-year period totaling 30 million.

Tony Bobulinski is the CEO of Sinohawk Holding, and the recipient of the email about the contract in “Hard Drive Gate”. Sinohawk Holding is a company jointly established by Chinese Communist Party businessman Ye Jianming (one of the Chinese Communist Party’s white gloves with a Chinese military background) and Hunter Biden. The current disclosed shareholding status of this company is Hunter Biden 20% (about), Jim Biden 10%, and Joe Biden 10%.

Sinohawk Holding specializes in oil and gas projects in Russia, which are transferred through Ukraine and eventually sold to the entire European Union. Because this oil and gas trading project was carried out under NATO under the leadership of the United States, in view of the fact that Russia became a hostile country with the United States on the Crimean Peninsula issue at the time, the two countries did not establish diplomatic relations, so this trade must be obtained by the former US President Obama and Vice With President Joe Biden’s agreement, it is clear that both of them are supporters of the deal.

This Russian oil and gas project is a goose that will continue to lay golden eggs for the Biden family: every barrel of oil and every cubic meter of natural gas is sold at an increase of 10% to 20%, and the profits generated are distributed in proportion to the contract. These huge sums of money can be held anonymously through family trust funds, or distributed to shareholders through various methods such as real estate and company shares. The oil and gas contract held by Hunter is worth 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, and the contract period is 5 years. If the Biden family still holds power when the contract expires, they can still keep the goose laying the golden egg. And if the Biden family loses power and is replaced by a new powerful person, then this 4.5 billion contract will be used to bribe the new powerful person.

Sinohawk Holding is not only a project transfer company, but also a consulting service company and lobbying company. Not only Joe holds shares in this company, but there are also many other European dignitaries, which will definitely subvert readers’ imaginations. (Everything will gradually surface, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up report of GNEWS)

It should be noted that in this process, the CCP did not pay any money. As a Chinese saying goes, they tie a white wolf with bare hands. Even the small amount of initial start-up fees paid in advance came from international bank loans. Once the project is launched, profits come from EU oil and gas expenses. In other words, every penny spent by the people of the European Union to buy petroleum products and natural gas has an illegal hidden tax burden, and this money goes to the CCP, the Biden family, and many other politicians who colluded with the CCP! This is actually a blatant robbery against the people of the European Union and a blood-sucking contract.

In this deal, the oil and gas belong to Russia, the consumers are EU citizens, and the licensors are American politicians. So why do they need the CCP to make this deal?

First of all, the black box operation system constructed by the CCP skips the supervision mechanism of all democratic countries. The desires of those degenerate political figures that cannot be obtained in the democratic world can be satisfied by the CCP.

Second, the CCP is the world’s largest money laundering base. Only the CCP can launder all these astronomical amounts of dirty money. Alibaba, Tencent and other companies listed in the United States and Hong Kong are money laundering companies. This is why the 700 listed companies in the United States have not been able to be cleaned up, why Wall Street has always supported Biden, and why Hong Kong’s decoupling cannot proceed. Because the interests of countless people are tied to the CCP.

All kind people, do you still think that the CCP’s penetration of the civilized world is just a conspiracy theory? Do you still think these political games are far away from every ordinary person? It is not a possibility for the CCP to rule the world. It is something that has already happened. Before everything is irreversible, everyone who refuses to be enslaved must speak out, spread the truth, and urge the government to drain the swamp of their own country and fight against the most evil regime in the mankind history: the Chinese Communist Party.

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6 months ago

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

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take down ccp



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