Breaking: Details of What Hunter Biden Did in Beijing Will Be Revealed on Lude Media Oct. 22 Evening Live!

Oct. 22, 20:30 EST at Lude Media!

October 22, a picture allegedly showing Hunter Biden, son of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, using drugs in a dim room with no sunlight but a lighted lamp by a bed was released online. 

Lude Media tweeted saying, “Everybody, look who this is and where at? Doing what?” 

“In tonight’s episode of Lude Media live broadcast, it will be revealed in which place in Beijing was Hunter Biden smoking drugs, with whom, and who was/were serving him. More of the Biden Hard Drive content will be talked about.”

Mr. Miles Guo posted a Getter trailering the program.

There will be interpretation in English of the program on 


Stay tuned and don’t miss it!

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