Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Morning Show on Oct 22,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club, Twitter: @CanadaHimalaya

 Important witnesses came forward and pointed out that Joe Biden was the “big guy” 

• Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner in Sinohawk Holding, Tony Bobulinski, issued a statement on Wednesday saying that Joe Biden did know about son’s deal with CEFC China Energy Co., and is ‘the big guy’ in email set to get 10% cut of the deal.
Joe Biden and Hunter Biden set up Sinohawk with Ye Jianming from CEFC, which became their family’s piggy bank.

• The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the biggest money launderer in the world.
Top Western leaders and other key dignitaries have been profiting from Russian oil and gas deals. And the CCP sells its money laundering channels to the dignitaries in exchange for US military technology. US military has already been deeply infiltrated by the CCP.

• FBI’s China expert asked for advice from Mr. Lu De and Whistleblower Movement.

• CNN accuses Dr. Yan Liming’s reports of copying from blogs on Gnews without knowing that blogger Shu Kang is the co-author of the reports.
CNN is controlled by the CCP through Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd. and it really should get labeled as “China state-affiliated media” from now on.

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