Listen CNN, Here’s What You Should Know About Dr. Yan, Her Team and Their Science Reports

October 21, CNN posted an article with the title Weird science: How a ‘shoddy’ Bannon-backed paper on coronavirus origins made its way to an audience of millions, by Rob Kuznia, Scott Bronstein, Drew Griffin and Curt Devine. The tone in this article, like “weird” and “shoddy”, as well as their lack of scientific proofs in response of Dr. Yan’s scientific reports really look “weird” to the readers. 

CNN referred to Dr Li-Meng Yan as “an expatriate from China seeking asylum in the US”. They probably didn’t have a clue how dangerous and painful it was for Dr. Yan to sacrifice everything she had and leave her family and friends in danger to the Communist China, and come to the U.S. to speak out the truth. Her mother, a 63-year-old teacher, was arrested just because she published her scientific researches. Most of us wouldn’t be able to fully understand the trauma this could cause, but at least, we should show some respect for what she has done for the the well-being of us all. 

Breaking: Dr. Limeng Yan’s Mother Arrested by The Chinese Communist Party

First things first. CNN said, “The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security — a leading authority on the pandemic – criticized the science behind the report, and pointed out that Yan and her co-authors “cite multiple papers in their reference section that have weaknesses or flaws.” Right after the publication of the papers, Dr. Yan openly invited any one who criticized her work to have an open debate. NO ONE dared. 

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Invites Open Debate With Scientists Who Attacked Her Reports and The Public Deserves the Truth

Then CNN couldn’t wait but to bring up their “conclusion” of the papers as “quickly linked to former White House adviser Steve Bannon”. They can’t slander a piece of science work without playing the “politics” card, can they? And it’s played throughout the article, without even a single scientific evidence that could show a slice of professional aptitude. They either knew that Dr. Yan’s reports are totally convincing and deliberately avoided it, or they didn’t do their homework, as Dr. Yan put it in Bannon War Room Eps. 451, “didn’t do a baby level fact check”. 

War Room Eps. 451 

CNN’s claim of “That study also included material seemingly copied from the anonymous blogger” was also debunked by Dr. Yan and a coauthor of the reports. 

CNN mentioned “Facebook slapped a ‘false information’ flag on Carlson’s September 15 interview with Yan and Twitter suspended Yan’s account”. Well guess what, twitter banned many accounts that talked about the “Biden Hard Drives”. And Facebook?

CNN said “The two men have repeatedly advanced the theory that the coronavirus came out of a Chinese bioweapons program — a claim that has been widely panned as groundless — using as their primary platforms a podcast hosted by Bannon and a website called G News, which publishes their content.” “The two men” here refer to Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Bannon, who are relentlessly fighting against the Chinese Communist Party to free the Chinese people from the evil regime which was the origin of the virus. If CNN didn’t agree with Dr. Yan, then where were they when the pandemic broke out in January? Didn’t they criticize Trump Administration for not being able to contain the virus, and at the same time smeared President Trump’s travel ban in Jan.? Gnews and Lude Media might not meet the standard of so-called “main stream media”, but they were the first ones to reveal the pandemic and the “Hunter Biden hard drives” to the world. Whoever speaks the truth speaks loudly. Bannon War Room has around 16 million downloads each episode. Is CNN criticizing all their audiences for listening to what they don’t trust? Stop playing the politics card and do some homework. In sharp contrast, CNN Politics only got 151 likes and 57 retweets almost 17 hours after it was posted. It really speaks it. 

CNN brought up the question whether there was a super spreader and “Donald J. Trump” as “a target” or not. It’s legit to question the origin of the virus or suspect how President Trump got affected. But we just wonder what CNN’s attitude is in this whole matter. What did they say about President Trump contracting the virus? (We hope it wasn’t mocking it, like the Chinese Communist Party did.) Are they using the President’s health situation to attack Mr. Bannon and his friends? Are they confident about what they say regarding the origin of the virus? We just hope whether every one is confirmed of the truth of the pandemic or not, no more people get affected, including the CCN people.

CNN complained that “Yan declined a request to be interviewed and did not answer repeated requests for responses to specific questions”. Based on what we understand a fake news could do, say, fabricating a news coverage without the interviewee’s consensus,  it was Dr. Yan’s right to refuse offline interviews. But she tweeted her agreement to a live interview. Now, we’d see how CNN respond to that. 

In the second part of the CNN article, Flawed citations, copied passages, mysterious co-authors, CNN made a big fuss saying Dr. Yan and her team copied a Gnews blogger’s work. Again, the blogs were written by a co-author of the papers, a member in Dr. Yan’s team. They are “copying” their own work! 

CNN quoted Nancy D. Connell, a microbial geneticist and a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins, and Gigi Kwik Gronvall, an immunologist who is also a senior scholar at the institution, saying “don’t want to give credence to just so much garbage”.   Doctors, don’t talk to CNN. If it’s “garbage” like you said, you should have lots of evidence. Talk to Dr. Yan, then. If you still call yourselves scientists, not “megaphones” for politics, speak for yourselves and convince us, please. 

Don’t forget, the invitation of an open debate regarding Dr. Yan’s reports is still valid. For EVERY doctor or scientist speaking to CNN in this news report, the same invitation should apply. Stop playing politics, do some science homework. Your teachers would be proud of you, then. 

Another doctor, Dr. Daniel Lucey, an infectious-disease epidemics expert at Georgetown University, said “he can’t think of another case of authors using pseudonyms in a scientific paper”. Dr. Lucey, where are you from? Have you ever lived in Communist China and experienced their iron hand? If not, how come you have the audacity to criticize these Chinese people who experienced the brutality of a totalitarian regime? You’d probably agree with “Black Lives Matter”, but why wouldn’t you think the Chinese people have their say in protecting themselves and their families? And why do you focus on the “fake name” instead of the science stuff in the papers? Show us a solid proof that there’s any mistake in the papers, please.

Dr. Lucey questioned Dr. Yan’s answer to “Why would China release a government-engineered virus in Wuhan”, and said she “couldn’t provide an answer that he considered plausible”. We have a suggestion for Dr. Lucey. Go to China and do some fact-based investigations in that Wuhan Lab without any interference of the CCP or their collaborators, and he will see it with his own eyes. The fact that Dr. Lucey is wiggling in his conclusions shows he is doubting it already. 

CNN did do some work gathering a bunch of doctors and scientists to talk to them. In their article, “Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, said she believes Yan’s report set out to deceive for the purpose of spreading ‘political propaganda’” and “Dr. Yan’s history and training is excellent”. Rasmussen warned Dr. Yan of ruining “her credibility as a virologist” and “ending her career” by making a “mistake”. Well, just because the non-scientific communities don’t know much about the science stuff in the papers doesn’t mean they are idiots or easily fooled by unreasonable accusations or claims. They may not know much about the experimental data, but they are suffering the pandemic. Whoever is telling the truth, should step up, have a discussion face to face in front of the public, not delivering some non-science related remarks to an allegedly “fake news” media. It’s doubtful that Ms. Rasmussen even exchanged her opinions with her co-workers. A scientist’s credibility won’t be ruined by revealing the truth, but can be by yelling out false and non-scientific accusations. Like Dr. Rasmussen said, “The ‘extraordinary claim’ shouldn’t be made without ‘extraordinary evidence’”.

CNN said “The Chinese government, WHO and the University of Hong Kong have vehemently denied her July accusation of a coverup”. Well, at this moment, anything in connection with the Chinese government could become a sensitive topic. Those who travelled to or worked with the Communist China are in the spotlights. The fact that CNN publish this article targeting Dr. Yan and her team today, is allegedly trying redirect the public attention away from a more recent “Hard Drive” issue and the 2020 Election. Where’s CNN’s report on the alleged Biden Crime Family? 

CNN mentioned Mr. Miles Guo, the “Whistleblower Movement”, The Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society, Hao Haidong, Wang DingGang (aka Lude Media), as well as Dr. Yan and her team, as against the Chinese Communist Party and CCP government. They’d probably take that as a credit. The question is where is CNN in this picture? 

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1 year ago

Thanks for this statement. It is not only CNN which tries to manipulate and lying to the public. Here in Germany it’s similar and we have a Dr. Drosten as Merkel adviser who has strong relation to CCP and of course he also cannot imagine, that the virus is made by CCP-PLA.


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Oct. 22, 2020