CCP Virus Pandemic Ep264: Rudy Giuliani said once and again “We must take down the CCP.”

  1. The CCP’s media deliberately ignored the food crisis and only spread the propaganda that the surge in corn prices in Northeast China is driven by economic recovery.
  2. Because of the outbreak of CCP virus in Qingdao, Beijing has restricted the number of people entering the city, allowing about 500 people per day.
  3. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen inspected a radar station with American personnel on Oct. 13, heralding a new level of military cooperation between Taiwan and the US.
  4. Taiwan anti-CCP fighters peacefully protested: Radio Taiwan International (RTI) interviewed Xia Yeliang, a CCP spy, which has misled the Taiwan people. RTI has served a role as an overseas propaganda machine of the CCP on this matter.
  5. (Miles Guo, 10/13) Rudy Giuliani said once and again “We must take down the CCP.” Those CCP top cadres fear Giuliani. Why? Giuliani took down those five mafia families in New York, and as the result, real estate value of New York has skyrocketed dozens of times. The CCP knew that itself is a mafia organization and they fear that Mr. Giuliani would use the RICO Act against them. So I told him “Mr. Giuliani, you need to use the RICO Act.” Mr. Giuliani immediately replied, “As soon as the election is over, the U.S. will definitely use the RICO Act against the CCP’s spy network, CCP cadres’ families and their assets in the U.S.”
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