CCP tore down Christian missionaries’ burial in Shanxi

Source of image: Open Doors USA

According to an article in Bitter Winter, on September 12th 2020, the local government of Shanxi, China (all government in China is part of the Chinese Communist Party) tore down and removed the burial ground of 20 Christian missionaries in the city of Yuncheng, Shanxi. These burial ground is part of a church called ‘Svenska Mission Kina’, which was the first missionaries to begin devotion service in Shanxi in 1888. Svenska Mission Kina has contributed to the local community in hospital and school constructions and delivering church services.

Phones were confiscated, demolishment happened quickly

According to an anonymous person from the local government in Yanhu district, the police and security officers ordered the villagers who live near the Christian burial to the local police station, prior to the missionaries’ gravestones being destroyed.  In addition the heads of the ‘Church of Christ’ family and administrators of several churches were put under surveillance. Their phones were confiscated, and they were threatened if they took any photos.

The actual demolishment of gravestones happened early on September 12th. At 6am, local authorities locked up the adjoining streets to the burial ground, hence preventing anyone from getting close. By 8am, three excavators were deployed to tear down and flatten the burial ground of those Christian missionaries, including the lounge area next to it. Throughout the entire process, no outsider was allowed to be present.

Brief history of the rise and fall of Christianity in China

At beginning of 1807, English missionaries entered China to carry gospel for the Chinese people. Protestant missionary activity peaked in the 1920s and thereafter declined due to war and unrest in China. Thousands of Protestants lived and worked in China, enabling an extended encounter between Chinese and Western culture.

Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party government expelled all Protestant missionaries by 1953. Christians were horribly attacked during the time of Culture Revolution under Mao Zedong’s direction. During that time, cathedrals, missionary societies and churches were vandalized. In many buildings, the CCP forced occupiers to replace the picture of Jesus Christ with the picture of Mao.

In recent times, the CCP launches a nationwide crackdown on Christianity again. The Chinese government implemented tough laws to persecute the Christians if they do not pledge loyalty to the CCP.  The General Secretary of the CCP, Xi Jinping, has warned that all religions are now required to become “Chinese”. In other words, their religious teaching must align with the CCP’s teaching. The new laws will bring pastors and church leaders under the CCP’s control. Essentially, it allows the CCP to hire and fire church leaders.

The CCP wants to destroy all religions and religious freedom

This incident is only just a tip of the iceberg. The crackdown on religion freedom and control on religions are not limited to Christianity. The CCP regime does not want the Chinese people to revere any form of ‘God’ other than the ones approved by the CCP. Any religious doctrine that is allowed to exist in China has been modified to suit the CCP’s desired message, which is to indoctrinate, brainwash and control the Chinese people.

For decades, the evil CCP regime employs state authority to toil the Chinese people’s ideology. They want the Chinese people to worship the CCP rather than any God or religion.

Author: Wendy

Proofreader: XO酱

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