Biden sold out US CIA informants serving in China to the CCP regime

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As more and more evidence pops up, Biden’s hard drive bombshell goes far beyond Hunter Biden himself. Still, it reaches the deepest and darkest collusion between the former Obama-Biden US administration and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.

According to the Lude Media, the leading YouTube Channel of the Whistleblower Movement, one of the most shocking events from the hard drive is that while Biden was Vice President, he and Obama sold out 36 US CIA informants in China to the Xi Jinping regime. That directly led to all of these CIA informants were cruelly executed by the CCP secret agency, including a pregnant woman with a due date in around 10 days.

These CIA informants were conscientious Chinese who worked in the most crucial department of the CCP security services, had access to the darkest evil deeds and were utterly desperate of the CCP’s criminal and evil behaviors. To help China move toward freedom and democracy, they became CIA informants, providing the US government with the CCP’s most secret information. Yet they were sold out to Xi Jinping by Biden and Obama. In addition to these informants, there were also more than 20 associates. In total, more than 60 CIA agents were executed brutally.

All the 60 CIA agents of Chinese people with strong sense of righteousness were executed in profound tragedy. They were not allowed to have any trial before execution. They were gathered in conference rooms for meetings and then executed en masse, with pregnant women among them! ” This made my stomach cramping,” Mr. Lude said: “There was a female secret security police officer in Tianjin. Her name is Baoguo Tong. Having learned the CCP’s horrific evil conducts through the confidential information she accessed, Tong was aspired to overthrow the CCP brutal regime. She joined the CIA. As a result, her whole family of three members was executed.”

The Chinese officials responsible for their execution were Man, Yong Ping and Yang, Hui, directly under the order of Fang, Fenghui, a former member of the Central Military Commission of the CCP and former Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission. The US government has pictures of those CIA informants who were executed. The families of these informants are miserable! None of the alive family members can use credit cards; neither can they fly or leave the country. All are under government’s close surveillance for the rest of their lives.

According to Mr. Lude, Biden gave the name list of these 36 agents directly to Xi Jinping, who just came in power. Biden and Obama feared that Xi would initiate democratic reforms. So they served up Xi’s political opponents and CIA Chinese informants. Xi used the so-called anti-corruption campaign as an opportunity to kill all of his rivals and CIA informants. Following Obama-Biden’s suit, political leaders in Western countries betrayed their own intelligence, which has helped Xi remove his political enemies and quickly rise to power and become an evil dictator. Many western politicians also took this opportunity to purge their own political opponents in their countries. Together, they formed the biggest evil political alliance in world history. As a result, these politicians became a part of the evil CCP force coalition to manipulate people all over the world.  

The US Director of National Intelligence, Mr. Ratcliffe, confirmed the authenticity of the Biden hard drive’s contents. He denied the possibility of Russian disinformation to influence the election, an accusation made by the leftist politicians. In the Fox News interview on October 18, Senator Ron Johnson said the hard drive contained the Biden family’s close ties to the CCP and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, a severe national security threat.

When interviewed by Steve Bannon on October 20, Mr. Giuliani said that more eye-popping evidence about the Biden family would surface in 24-48 hours. This includes not only business activities but also very nefarious things, total depravity, as he claimed. The shreds of evidence have all been examined by independent law enforcement. A former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, one of the great heroes of 9/11, announced after he reviewed Hunter’s laptop, “Bidens belong in prison,”  according to Wayne Allyn Root.

Mr. Bannon warned Joe Biden in one of his War Room Episode: “More evidence of your collusion with the CCP will come to light. You will be overwhelmed by a mountain of evidence of corruption and treason.”

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