Tear off the last layer of shame — Carrie Lam: no more attends monthly LegCo questions

Translator:PureHeart-Yuan; Reviewer: Wencheng

A number of Hong Kong newspapers, including Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and Hong Kong Economic Times, simultaneously published an interview with Chief Executive Carrie Lam on 19 October. Mrs. Lam said she no longer intended to participate in the “short question and answer” sessions held in the Legislative Council every month since she took office, because there were no meaningful answers, and every time there were “contradictions”, even insult by the pro-democracy legislators. Therefore, she is preferring to focus on the business to be urgent dealt with. Lam Cheng also talked about his 40 years of public service, saying that he has always had a “clear conscience” and that “everything is for the good of Hong Kong”, and that he would choose “not to listen” to attacks and rather concentrate on his work.

Earlier, Carrie Lam had said there was no separation of powers in Hong Kong. Since the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in Hong Kong last year, the democratic camp in the Legislative Council has been under heavy pressure and the function of the Legislative Council exists in name only. Today, Lam Cheng has openly stated to the public that she does not intend to attend the Legislative Council again, saying that she was “insulted” by pro-democracy legislators. And just now, in an interview with the Communist Party’s official media, the China News Agency, Lam Cheng also said that it was not important to be “aggrieved”, but now he immediately said that he was “insulted” by the legislators and would not be questioned by the Legislative Council again, how ironic.

Under a democratic system, it is normal for the Chief Executive to be questioned in the legislature and even subjected to harsh words of torture. As a puppet of the Hong Kong Government arranged by the Chinese Communist Party, Carrie Lam, in defiance of the system of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, has openly stated that she will no longer participate in the Legislative Council, which is a blatant defiance of the Legislative Council and the last piece of shameful cloth has been removed.


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