Hong Kong exile organization helps CUHK girls obtain German asylum and prosecute refugee camps for sexual assault

Translator:Doco文鼎; Reviewer: Wencheng


“Haven Assistance”, an organization set up by Hong Kong residents in exile, stated that the female students who were arrested by Hong Kong police because of riots had been to Germany earlier, and they were formally approved by Germany to grant asylum for three years on the 14th of this month. The 22-year-old girl was interviewed by Reuters and showed a letter from the German Bureau of Immigration and Refugee (BAMF) proving that she has been exempted from refugee status and expressed her gratitude to the German government. She said the reason that she chose to go to Germany is she would not receive fair interrogation in Hong Kong.

The student mentioned that she was arrested during a protest in November last year and a few days later went to Germany via Taiwan without telling her family.

She felt both surreal and sad about leaving Hong Kong in this way, and said that she knew that she might never have chance for return.

This is the first case in which Germany has provided political asylum since the anti-extradition movement. The Haven Assistance statement also pointed out that the student had been sexually assaulted by the stuff in refugee camp. Huang Taiyang, revealed to our website that the staff involved has been prosecuted.

When the German Consulate in Hong Kong responded to HKFP’s inquiry, it refused to comment on individual cases, but pointed out that the granting of asylum depends on the meeting with the person, the authenticity of the documents, and the justifiability. The consulate also mentioned that from January to September this year, a total of two Hong Kong residents applied for political asylum to the German authorities. The authorities also considered the applications of three Hong Kong residents during the same period. One of them got a positive result.

Another news is that Huang Taiyang said when he accepted the “Stance News” inquiry about the incident, he refused to explain the details of the sexual assault on behalf of the student, but he revealed that the incident occurred in a refugee camp of the German government earlier this year and the girl had called the police at that time. The German police also took action on the incident. The employee involved was later prosecuted, and the case is scheduled to go to court.

Huang Taiyang said that he would not criticize the German government for dealing with the situation because of this. I believe it was only an isolated incident. The girl unfortunately encountered a bad employee. However, he believes that the incident can reflect that the German government has room for improvement in the procedures for handling Hong Kong refugees. He pointed out that most Hong Kong people can speak English and integrate into German society. It is not a problem to meet basic needs. Therefore, Hong Kong people applying for refugees do not have to live in refugee camps. He advocated that the German government should consider providing special arrangements for Hong Kong refugees.

He also pointed out that this time the German government provided asylum for the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement protesters for the first time, which means that the German government believes that the protesters have the right to apply for asylum during the anti-extradition movement. He mentioned that the girl went to Germany in November last year and had completed the interview in January, but there was no result. Huang Taiyang believed that the legislation of the National Security Law gave the German government one more reason to grant asylum.

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