CCP Virus Pandemic Ep263: Qingdao closed the city and carried out 6 million nucleic acid tests

  1. Where there is oppression, there will be resistance: People in Shandong rose up against the anti-riot police. The CCP used the state violent machinery in its hands to brutally suppress the rebelling people.
  2. Food Crisis: In Guizhou, wedding and funeral banquet can only provide “three dishes and one soup”(usually shared with 10 people). Violators will be punished with 120 jin(1 jin=1/2 kilo) of pork, 120 jin of rice, and 120jin of rice wine.
  3. After the National Memorial Holiday of China, Qingdao closed the city and carried out 6 million nucleic acid tests. At the same time, 100,000 tourists traveled in Qingdao. It can be expected that after they return to various parts of the country, they may cause outbreaks in many places.
  4. The CCP’s economy is sluggish: The Ministry of Education of the CCP published news in the party media to fool overseas students to spend their parents’ money for investment-saying that the main force of entrepreneurship is overseas students returning from abroad.
  5. (10/13) “What is G-Fashion? Why ‘G’? ‘G’ for God, and this comes first, our mission to take down the CCP, doing the God’s work, or mission from the Heaven (in Chinese culture). ‘G’ for Gold, also for Goal. Thirdly, ‘G’  for Give, in Chinese culture, one shall provide for his family. Finaly, ‘G’ for Good, as it’s good and unique. Gold, God, Good, Give, this is our G-Fashion and the origin of the entire G-Series. “
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