The Boss Who Found That Biden’s Son’s Hard Drive: I’m Really Scared

Author: Arya

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is caught in the “hard drive door” storm.

Former New York Mayor and Trump’s personal lawyer, Giuliani, appeared on a program on the 18th to explain the process of obtaining a copy of the computer hard drive of Hunter Biden, his second son. Giuliani said that the computer repair shop owner was very scared when the contents of the hard disk were first revealed. He knew what the hard disk meant, so he copied 4 hard disk copies to prevent himself from being wiped out.

Giuliani said on the Fox News talk show “Life, Liberty & Levin”, which aired on the evening of the 18th Eastern Time, that John Paul Mack, the owner of a computer repair shop in Delaware who owns a Hunter laptop Isaac (John Paul Mac Isaac) told FBI agents, “I am really scared because Biden is very powerful here.”

Giuliani reported that this laptop was abandoned by Hunter in the shop. He may have forgotten where to repair the computer because he was drunk during the whole process of contacting the shop owner.

As US President Trump was besieged and impeached by Democrats in the House of Representatives last year, he accidentally led to Biden’s alleged abuse of power to intervene in Ukrainian affairs during his term as Vice President. In March 2016, he pressured the Kiev authorities to fire the Attorney General. Not only that, but the huge commercial interest that his son Hunter Biden obtained in Ukraine because of his father’s relationship has also been questioned by the public.

Giuliani said that after seeing the scandal about Biden’s involvement in Ukrainian affairs on the news, the owner of the computer repair shop was worried that the computer abandoned by the customer was some kind of criminal evidence, so he decided to check the contents of the laptop hard drive and found that it contained The contents of the emails first disclosed by the New York Post, as well as records of many apparently illegal activities including pornographic images.

Giuliani added that although the FBI agent said to the shop owner, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t say anything, nothing will happen.” The shop owner still copied 4 hard drives, 2 of them. Leave it to a friend for safekeeping in case the owner himself is killed.

A few months later, when the Democrats did impeach Trump against Trump in the House of Representatives, the shopkeeper realized that this was a false accusation, so he contacted relevant people and revealed that he had “suppressive material.” One of the people contacted by the shopkeeper at the time was Giuliani’s personal lawyer and former federal prosecutor Robert Costello.

The shop owner told the New York Post earlier that he was very sure that this laptop belonged to Hunter, because there was a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on the computer, which was named after Biden. The foundation named after the eldest son.

The Biden camp denied any wrongdoing. Biden claimed that he himself had never discussed any overseas interest-related topics with his son.

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