Article 230 is no longer the shield, US social media supressing freedom of speech could face unprecedented lawsuits

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The United States is a beacon of democracy, liberty, and the rule of law.  And freedom of expression and freedom of press are among the core values ​​of democracy, with no exception of the United States.  According to the First Amendment of the US Constitution, freedom of speech is protected by law, which is not allowed to be violated by either the federal government, state governments, or local governments. The internet and high tech companies should be subject to the same treatment in terms of not violating the freedom of speech.  It has been seldom found that the US government authorities use technical means to meddle citizens to have access to real information and freedom of speech. 

However, our right of free press and free expression has been quietly eroded by

high-tech social media and elite mainstream media in the US. Ordinary American citizens have only recently been alarmed by Twitter’s and Facebook’s hideous interfering behaviour in relation to  “Biden’s Hard Drive” scandal.  Those high-tech social media and elite mainstream media gloss themselves as the endorsers of freedom of speech, but in reality, they are the slayers of freedom of speech.  As a matter of fact, those media had shown the same hypocrisy when the Whistlelower Movement led by Mr. Guo, Wengui began 3 years ago.

CCP’s dark track records of meddling the Americans’ social media

The public funded  “Voice of America” ​​is supposed to promote the value of democracy and liberty of America. Shockingly, on April 19, 2017, in the middle of live broadcast of interviewing Mr Guo Wengui, the VOA took the order of the Chinese ambassador in the US to end the live broadcast suddenly. It caused outrageous public outcry to Chinese Americans who joined the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The absurd and humiliating incident is unprecedented, but still did not draw American audience’s attention.

After the VOA’s “ Broadcasting cut-off” incident, Mr Guo, Wengui’s Twitter account was banned.  In addition,  the YouTube data of  “Lude Media” that advocates the Whistleblower Movement was tampered.  Most recently, the Twitter account of Dr Li-meng Yan was blocked when she published her first scientific paper on the origin and truth of the CCP virus (CCP made the Covid-19 in labs and intentionally spread it to the world).  The Twitter account of Dr Zev Zelenko, who has recommended hydroxychloroquine sulfate to the American public, was also suspended.

It clearly demonstrates that the American media has been severely infiltrated and controlled by the CCP. For Chinese who love freedom and democracy and aim to take down the CCP regime, they have come to the realize the pathetic reality. But for ordinary American citizens, they have long been oblivious to the CCP’s infiltration. President Trump and some top officials have deep understanding about it,  but the majority of the general public are often deceived by the dishonest and hypocritical media, and have difficulty to see the truth among a plenty of fake news.

Dr Li-meng Yan was a guest on Fox TV’s Tucker Show on September 16, 2020. 

Tucker Carlson show’s rating is the nation’s top one among the cable news during the golden prime time in America. However,  Facebook and its photo-sharing “Instagram”  labeled Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” post on Dr. Yan’s interview as “false information.”  Twitter also blocked the news of Tucker Show’s interview with Dr. Li-meng Yan.

The closer to the US presidential election,  the more aggressive the US media has become.  On October 14, 2020, the New York Post reported that a computer abandoned by Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, contained information of a series of scandals involving Biden and his son. Despite the explosive Biden scandal spread across the US, Facebook and Twitter have restricted their users from reposting the news links.

Twitter and Facebook are no longer concerned about their professional principles, their work ethics and their code of conduct, instead, they adopt Chairman Xi of CCP’s “no bottom line” mentality, frantically suppress anyone and any media spreading the  “Hard Drive Gate” scandal. 

Kayleigh, the White House spokeswoman, whose Twitter account was blocked for reposting the “Hard Drive Gate” news.  Hollywood star James Woods, who has 2.6 million fans and a supporter of President Trump, whose account was also blocked for reposting the Hunter Biden’s scandal.  Even President Trump was not spared. When he reposted the Fox Tucker show video clip on Twitter,  it was deleted for some “good” reasons as they claimed.

How the CCP connected to the US social media like Twitter and Facebook

Why have Social media Twitter and Facebook tried to cover up the Biden family’s financial and power abuse scandals, and desperately been smearing and slandering President Trump? It can cast light on why the double standard is applied to Joe Biden and Donald Trump when people understand clearly who lays behind these media’s financier: The CCP.

Fei-fei Li, former Google Vice President,  former Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of Google Cloud, was appointed as an independent director on the Twitter board in May 2020.  While Li Feifei was in charge of the Google AI China Center, it worked closely with Tsinghua University.

And Tsinghua University, as the top university of science and technology in China, has close connections with the CCP’s military.

Fei-fei Li has a close relationship with  “European and American Alumni Association”,  which is directed by the Secretariat of the CCP’s Central Committee and managed by the United Front Work Department under CCP Central Committee according to the CCP’s media. The Central Committee office of CCP in 2016 issued an official document, clearly stating this organization is a “united front mass organization” under the leadership of the CCP. Its head office is located in Pusheng Temple in Beijing.  The question is how, with a deep link to the red Communist Party, Fei-Fei Li became an independent director of Twitter? No doubt, it depends on the endorsement of their financier: The CCP.  Therefore, it is not hard to explain that Twitter has been mingling with the CCP regime.

As for Facebook, there is a little different story.  Because Zuckerberg married a Chinese descendent. He was called  a “model son-in-law of China.”  In order to open up the Chinese market, Zuckerberg repeatedly showed his favour of the CCP publicly.  When the CCP Chairman Xi, Jinping visited the US in 2015, Zuckerberg met him in person as a businessman.  Within the same year, he was invited to give a speech at Tsinghua University where he delivered in Mandarin with 22-minutes long. In the following year, he was publicly seen running in thick smog in the front of Tiananmen in Beijing.  He kept on working on to please the CCP for their permission for Facebook to enter the Chinese market.

Moreover, Facebook employs a large number of Chinese nationals who stand with the CCP. They formed the largest group of Facebook’s employees.  Most of them are software engineers and data researchers.  Facebook has set up an exclusive [email protected] group for its Chinese employees composed of more than 6,000 members, which is the largest group of its kind within the company.  Some of its employees openly expressed their support for the CCP. 

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg criticised the CCP’s internet censorship scheme and remarked that he had given up the hope of entering the Chinese market.  But this time Facebook applied censorship to its own app,  isn’t it slapping its own face?  Clearly, Facebook has been taken over by the CCP in some degree, and has almost become a running dog of the CCP without failing the CCP’s needs.

Critical voices within the US

The popular Fox host, Tucker Carlson, condemned Twitter and Facebook for their blocking the New York Post’s coverage of the Biden’s “Hard Drive Gate” scandal.  Tucker said “This is a news censorship that the United States had never experienced in 245 years since its founding. This practice has no difference from the Chinese Communist government’s.  No one would ever have thought that it could happen in the United States. This is a dark moment in the US’ history.”

The Republican camp is enraged and said that Facebook and Twitter is actually practising a partisan censorship scheme.  President Trump also rebuked those two main social media.

On October 16, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee announced that it will hold a Senate hearing next week to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify and answer questions.

On the same day, US Senate Majority Republican Leader Mitch McConnell denounced Twitter and Facebook that they “should be condemned” for censorship of the New York Post coverage.

Supreme Court Justice Thomas’ interpretation on Article 230

On October 13, 2020, US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas agreed the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court’s conclustion that article 230’s immunity is inapplicable when a plaintiff claims anticompetitive conduct.

Article 230 has been an umbrella shielding some high-tech Internet platforms from wrong doing.  Supreme Court Justice Thomas’ new interpretation has made it possible that large high-tech companies are no longer immune from Article 230 in some definite cases.

The immunity is based on the US  Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996. In its fifth chapter, “the telecommunication”, there is a piece of Internet legislation, i.e. Section 230.  According to the legislation, Internet service providers are not liable for the contents of third-party, in the mean time they have rights to delete platform users’ content.  In another word, it gives internet service providers the right to block users, to delete users’ speech, or to censor users’ speech.

Justice Thomas’ latest interpretation of Article 230 means that it is easier to hold large technology companies accountable and take legal actions if necessary.  If Internet service providers committed illegal censorship, with the exception of censoring  sexual or violent materials, Article 230 is no longer a protection for those internet companies.

This means that all internet platform users who published the true stories without any hatred language or sexual materials, can sue Twitter and Facebook for their illegal censorship and seek compensation.  Dr Li-meng Yan, White House spokeswoman Ms Kayleigh, Dr. Zelenko, Hollywood superstar Mr Woods, President Trump are all in that category. We will see what will happen to Twitter, Facebook,  and YouTube. I believe that lawsuits, credibility loss, financial loss and their stocks plummet are awaiting for those mainstream media.

We live in a new era of evolution led by high-tech and the Internet. The sudden CCP virus attack has changed the world. When the people all of the world are fighting the vicious CCP virus,  the behaviour of these Internet service providers and those elite mainstream media has laid bare the lies and greed of those world-class politicians, high-tech magnets, business tycoons and academic elites who are colluding with the CCP.

The Whistleblower Movement’s motto “only truth prevails” gives us strength for fighting for a good future without the CCP. This motto should also be the survival code of any social media. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are walking with the evil CCP. History and just law will judge where they belong to. Will these fake media be crucified on the pillars of human shame in the future? We will wait and see.

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