Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Morning Show on Oct 20,2020

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Is Bo TianTian Still Alive? Does American Connected Her? What significant mean?

• The key player of Hunter Biden’s hard drive scandal, Bo Tiantian (A.K.A. Jiaqi Bao), has been protected by Whistleblower Movement and will testify against the Chinese Communist Party, to tell the truth of their crimes.
• Mr. Lu De said on the show that the FBI’s Chris Wray will probably get fired today.
1. Wray has been sitting on Hunter’s hard drive for nearly a year without taking any action.
2.Wray became FBI director right after HNA made a big deal with the law firm King & Spalding, where he used to work. King & Spalding was also the law firm representing Mr. Miles Guo.
• CIA agent, Tong Baoguo’s murder awakened many CCP’s spies, who have joined the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP together.
• Mainstream media has seen the information on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, but they have chosen to remain silent. President Trump said that it’s also a crime to knowingly fail to report the Bidens’ story.

Bo Tiantian From:Twitter
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