CCP Virus Pandemic Ep262: The CCP controls online speech in the name of building a healthy network

  1. On October 9th, a few Representatives of the National People’s Congress proposed health insurance coverage of the vaccine for the CCP virus, but the National Medical Insurance Bureau rejected the proposal. However, the CCP planned to offer free vaccines to other countries.  So many children in China have no money to go to school, but the CCP offers foreign students (especially from Africa, Pakistan, ect.) large scholarships; the CCP not only squeezed properties of civilians,  also bribe government officials of other countries in an attempt to control the world by bribing.
  2. The Whistleblower Movement has always reminded the Chinese people to store food in case of disaster. China Flour Information Network: the government is buying grain at a high price and the companies are scrambling for food…
  3. The CCP controls online speech in the name of building a healthy network. In the CCP regime, there are no human rights, no freedom of speech, and everything is controlled by the CCP.
  4. A virus outbreak occurred in Qingdao. According to the CCP government, Qingdao had 3 additional coronavirus cases on October 11. The city’s residents were required to line up for virus testing, despite the risks of cross-infection.
  5. (Steve Bannon, 10/10) The reason they’re not doing is they’re making money off the Chinese Communist Party, big money, cash money. Where’s John Brennan? Why do I have to have a young doctor come out of Hong Kong, risk her life, have her mother arrested in a prison in Beijing? Why is the United States, with trillions of dollars… Why is this report not done by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)? Why is this report not done by DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Why? We’re going to look damn good to history, and you know why, we’re on the side of the angels and you’re on the side of the devil, you’re on the side of Hitler and the Nazis.
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