Joe Biden is running for president, who’s the one really got humiliated?

Author: Giselle
Translator: Lish

I am not going to discuss who will win the 2020 US presidential election here as we are not going to talk about politics. However, there is only one question that I just can’t figure out the answer. Biden’s paedophilia scandal is not one or two days, or one or two years, why he doesn’t feel shameful but to run for president of the United States? Joe Biden is running for president, who’s the one really got humiliated?

Biden has been suspected of being a paedophile for a while, and there have been many photos and videos of Biden sniffing girls’ hair in public, hugging girls from behind, kissing their necks, stroking their bodies etc.

The author had stumbled across the video on Twitter and found it super disgusting after watching it. On 0:08 seconds of this video, Biden surrounded by a bald middle-year-old greasy man and a woman in a black dress who intentionally push an 11-12-years-old girl to Biden’s side. Biden clasped her arm, deeply sniffed her hair and tried to kiss her, but the girl shunned. On the girl’s left stood a middle-age woman in grey dress, staring as if nothing had happened. The bald middle-year-old greasy man was looking at Biden’s smutty performance with a smile on his face…

At 22 seconds of the video, Biden stroked a girl’s face and hair, who appeared to be only seven or eight years old, and kissed her on the head. At 43 seconds of the video, Biden dragged a young girl in red dress in front of him, stared at the girl’s chest, and at one point moved his hand from her shoulder to her chest.

At 1 minute 24 seconds of the video. it shows that Biden hugged a girl in a black dress, as everyone dispersed after taking a picture, Biden’s left hand was still firmly around her shoulder and flicked the girl’s hair.

At 1 minute and 29 seconds, the video captures that Biden kissed a girl on her forehead. At 1 minute and 35 seconds, it shows that Biden placed his right hand on a 5 to 6 years old child’s chest. At 1 minute and 42 seconds, it captures that Biden repeatedly stroked a 6 to 7 years’ old girl in the face with both hands. At 1 minute and 47 seconds, again it shows that Biden kissed a 2 or 3 years’ old girl’s hair and cheek three times. At 2 minutes and 8 seconds, it shows that Biden placed his left hand on the chest of a 7 or 8 years’ old girl in white dress, and he kept stroking…

What a filthy thing he did!  Biden cannot hold on his desires in such a public area. I can’t imagine how brute will he be when he is not in public.

Curiously, the video has been circulating on Twitter for a long time, but the hits rate was not high. It is inexplicable that such a collection of scandals involving public figures had a click-through rate of only 157,000. This tweet was posted on the 31 of August this year, only had 148 likes and 188 retweets. Did Twitter cut the numbers, or was the world selectively be silence? If President Trump had done such a thing, I’m afraid there would have been a lot of women taking their girls and protesting on the street! Even with such a well-documented scandal of paedophilia, there are plenty of media outlets defending Biden on the internet and politicizing the content of the video to mislead the public that is Trump’s grips to attack the Democratic Party.

In fact, the sexual scandals about Biden have always been endless. In April, Tara Reade, at her 56, accused Biden of sexually assaulting her about 30 years ago in the halls of Congress. Reade served as Biden’s assistant from 1992 to 1993 when Biden was a senator in Delaware.

In a recent interview, Reade said that in 1993, after she handed over her gym bag to her former boss, Joe Biden, he reached under her shirt and her skirt and pinned her against a wall.

“No communication, really, he just pinned me stand against the wall,” Reade told podcast host Katie Halper in March 2020.

Suddenly it happened . . . He put his hands under my clothes. He said: “Do you want to change position?” I pulled away while he said: “come on, I heard you like me.”

“I’ll never forget,” Reade said.

Reade filed a complaint with the D.C. police department on April 9, 2020, accusing that Biden sexually assaulted her twice. Reade on her Twitter expressed that she filed the lawsuit ‘just only for security consideration.’ She was beginning to receive cyber threats as the statute of limitations had passed.

Similar scandals are just uncountable, and on March 29 this year, a democratic politician at Nevada, Lucy Flores also revealed that Biden sexually harassed her and kissed her on the back of her head without consent before a campaign in Las Vegas back in 2014.

On October 14 this year, the New York Post published a story about a hard drive of Hunter Biden. The hard drive contains the criminal fact that Joe Biden and his son took bribes from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and 36 CIA agents were betrayed; and also Joe Biden had led to the killing of six SEALs. The publication of the New York Post is only the tip of the iceberg. But what’s remarkable is that all the mainstream media in the U.S. have collectively lost their voices over the Biden’s hard drive scandal. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are collectively banning and blocking the New York Post account, including other account holders who speak out the truth!

The United States, which claims to be the most civilized, democratic and liberal country in the world, tolerates such blatant rapists, paedophile, and traitors running for president, humiliating not just Americans, but all humankind!

42 years ago, Solzhenitsyn, a former Soviet dissident, delivered a famous speech at Harvard University while in exile in the United States. Solzhenitsyn accurately predicted the erosion of human civilization by communism, the cowardice of Western politics and elites, and the media don’t have to take responsibility of their lies, which would make human face enormous crisis.

Solzhenitsyn even predicted difficult days of President Trump today: a politician who wants to make a significant and constructive contribution to his country must be very cautious, even couldn’t reach far. Thousands of hasty and irresponsible criticisms surround him, and parliament and the media are falsely attacking after him. As he progresses, he has to prove that every step is grounded and perfect. From the beginning, a bunch of traps has set up for him.

Facts show that Solzhenitsyn’s speech at Harvard University 42 years ago has all turned out to be true.

The United States is the beacon of the free world, but now crumbling under the erosion of the dark forces. People in many countries have been restricted their freedom because of the CCP virus released by the Chinese Communist Party. The freedom of speech has been censored and blocked because of the collective evil force of the media! Because DEEP STATES’ evil tricks, the rule of law exists in name only, justice fails to uphold! We love America because we yearn for democracy, freedom, and the rule of law, and stand up for universal values and orthodoxy. Our enemies are powerful, but the world is awakening. Now it’s time for everyone to come forward and say no.

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6 months ago

I agree, it is shameful for all Medias, how they keep quiet about all the crimes of Biden family just to manipulate the public. Let’s hope that Himalaya gets strong enough to bring the truth to the word.

6 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !

The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

Action ! Action ! Action !

Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !



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