Bob Fu, We Demand Answers

By MOS Himalaya

Dear Americans,

We have gathered here voluntarily to exercise our constitutional right

 to peacefully and legally protest against ,what we believe,

a Chinese Communist Party spy agent: Bob Fu,

who claims to be a priest or a pastor.

Yet he runs a non-profit organization known as ChinaAid,

 which receives millions of dollars of cash donation consistently every single year.

 Tax free money.

Yet he spends all of it on things nobody knows.

 We demand to know where you get your donations from?

 Who is donating money to ChinaAid, and where do you spend the money?

 Did you commit any tax fraud while running this non-profit?

 Did any of the money donated to this non-profit come from CCP affiliated entities or organizations or people?

That is No.1.

No.2. as a pastor, why does your wife own and operate a liquor store?

Why doesn’t a pastor and a priest preach but sell liquor instead? We want to know the answer.

Third, Bob Fu claims to be put in jail during the 1989, June 4th Tiananmen Square Protest.

However, as early as 1994, five years after the protest,

Bob Fu became a teacher at the Central Committee school in Beijing.

 The school is directly run by the CCP.

He is also a member of the CCP just 5 years after allegedly being arrested and persecuted

 by the government for his participation in the Tiananmen Square Protest.

If you are truly a Anti-CCP human right activist,as you claim to be,

 why did the Party let you out of prison

 and why did the party let you join the Central Party Committee School and let you teach there?

And Being a CCP member, how did you get the immigration status to Hong Kong.

How did you go from Mainland China to Hong Kong and then to America?

 There are immigration laws in America, explicitly prohibits any member, past or present,

  who are affiliated with any Communist organizations around the world,

explicitly prohibit these people from immigrating to America.

 How exactly did you, Bob Fu, move to America?

As late as 2012, people still referred to Bob Fu as “Mister Fu”, not “Pastor Fu” or “Priest Fu”.

 Since when did you become a priest?

 Since when did you become a follower of God?

 Why do you not preach but sell liquor instead?

Bob Fu, my next challenge to you is that you spread lies and defamatory, unsubstantiated claims against us,

 saying we are a terrorist organization, saying we are here to threaten your well-being and safety.

That is not true.

None of us are armed with anything except the Truth.

 We are here waving the American Flag, our hand-written signs.

All we want to know is whether you are a member of the CCP,

and if so, how did you move to America?

And why are you spreading such lies about us online?

Last, to Mayor Payton ,to Senator Marco Rubio, to Senator Ted Cruz,

 I demand an answer from you guys.

On what basis– what evidence do you have– that we are, what you called,“the CCP thugs”.

  Do I look like a CCP thug to you? What evidence do you have?

What claim do you have?

 Why do you spread such lies about us, on Twitter and social media?

If you are truly interested in advocating for the Truth and freedom for the Chinese people,

please come out and speak to us.

 We are here, and we are happy to talk to you anywhere and in any manner you want.

Furthermore, if you really think we are here as alleged “terrorists”,

 or we are here to spread lies, please sue us in the court of law.

 we cannot decide whether what we are saying is true.

 In America, it is the rule of law.

Take us to court where everything is taken under oath

 and everything will be examined by a jury or a judge,

and the truth will come out

So please stop your defamatory practices and stop spreading lies about us,

and please come out and speak with us.

Thank you.

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6 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !

The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

Action ! Action ! Action !

Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !