Oct. 18 Demonstration Against SPY Bob Fu into 14th Day—Here Are Five Queries for Bob Fu

It’s the 14th consecutive day of the peaceful demonstration against the CCP spy Bob Fu in Midland, TX, today. Many protestors have voluntarily gathered in the neighboring area of Bob Fu’s house to express their demand to bring this deep infiltrating CCP spy to justice.

The weather was quite nice. About 20 protestors joined the demonstration. It went peacefully with people standing on the side walk holding signs saying “take down the CCP”. The New Federal State of China GTV Channel had a live broadcast of the whole procedure. 

According to the protestors, they were questioned or inspected by the local police every day. None of the police were wearing masks when talking to them. The police also asked to see their ID when they went to use the garbage bins. Four demonstrators were arrested for “jaywalking”, but were released soon after. On Oct. 15, CBS7 broadcasted a news conference by Midland Mayor Patrick Payton. There hasn’t been any other news coverage form local medias so far. 

Bob Fu organized a so called “ten thousand pastor allies religion rally: weareBobFu” for Oct. 15, with the topic of “to protect him as a Chinese pastor” who claimed to have rescued many people from Communist China. About two dozens of people showed up. 

However, Renal, one of the protestors, raised several questions for Bob Fu about his claim: 

  1. How many people did Bob Fu rescue? Who were they? Where are they now? How’s their life going? Why none of them showed up and supported Fu? (Is it because they have illegal identities?)
  2. Bob Fu founded a company called China Aid, of which nearly all the million-dollar income is donations. There’s no transparency in expenses, but each year’s donations are used up. There’s no long-time company projects shown on its website. Bob Fu needs to explain how the money is spent, if he claimed taxes for his full income every year and provide proofs for tax returns. 
  3. With the exposure of “three hard drives”, contents of child abuses and sexual assaults in the hard drives are revealed. Bob Fu is allegedly connected to the content of the hard drives. The question is, among the people Bob Fu “rescued” to the United States, are there any children that became the victims of these abuses? 
  4. During the news conference held on Oct 15, Mayor Payton of Midland accused the protestors of being terrorists. An explanation from Mayor Payton is required! 
  5. In the “ten thousand pastor allies religion rally: weareBobFu” on Oct. 15, Bob Fu didn’t show up in person, but only made a phone call. Why didn’t he attend the “rally” in person? 
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