The CCP has exported corruption abroad, now facing rejection, while their people suffer


Abigail, Reporter

Holli Star, Material

Oct 16th, 2020

Combined reports from Al Jazeera, RAF, NTDTV 15th Oct After the recent investigative report “The Cyprus Papers Undercover” exposing how high-ranking politicians in Cyprus were willing to issue Passports to convicted criminals through the country’s citizenship investment program, the Cyprus government was forced to abolish the scheme on 13th Oct due to pressure from angry local citizens. And the Parliament Speaker resigned on 15th Oct in 2020.


Approximate one third of the “Golden Passports” were issued to Officials or billionaires from P.R. China. Among them were revealed the names of the CEO of Estate Tycoon Yanghuiyan, CEO of Huayun Power Tangyong, figures with “problematic” backgrounds, the members of the Congress and the People’s Political Committee. This is only the tip of the iceberg concerning the number of the senior officials who have intended to migrate. An interviewee from The Epoch Times revealed recently, the family of 85% of officials in the central government have been living abroad. On the contrary, Chinese people in the mainland have been educated by text books and by media, under direct or indirect control by the State, as to just how bad the outside world is. Sadly in reality they have no right to challenge the corruption within the government and the leaders of the Communist Party.

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