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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is among The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Geographic Magazine and Politico, another mainstream media that has forfeited its soul to Chinese Community Party (the CCP). The news ‘Anti-Beijing group with links to Steve Bannon spreading COVID-19 misinformation in Australia’ released on the 9th of October, penned by ABC reporters Ariel Bogle and Iris Zhao sheds light on the premise.

Iris Zhao: the CCP’s overseas propaganda proxy

Iris Zhao, the second reporter of the news, reviving the exquisite quality of Joseph Goebbels, deliberately twisted the information and brought her audience in Australia one step closer to the CCP’s mega ‘Community with shared future for mankind’. One of the interviewees Ms. Anhong from Himalayan Farm Australia confirmed Bogle’s and Zhao’s report is a misinformation campaign. She disclosed a detail that the number of 230,000 pamphlets distributed to inform the Australian people about the CCP virus and Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s first paper, was altered to 35,000. In addition, Ms. Anhong addressed that the questions she was asked by Iris Zhao were very depressing. The lip-owned reporter knew precisely from the pamphlets that the conclusion of true origin of the CCP virus is drawn from Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s first paper. But she unwaveringly persisted to ask the question of how Ms. Anhong, not a scientist, knew the true origin. With that in mind, how could she, a propaganda proxy, assert that Dr. Yan is not enlightening the world about the truth of the CCP virus? The mission she executed to add doses of cancerous slanders as a placebo to boosting the CCP’s welfare lays bare her real identity as one of the Borg of the CCP.

In the hoax the only ‘proof’ Iris Zhao employed as her shield that spells scientific, is the one from Prof. Edward Holmes from University of Sydney: first, Prof. Holmes declared that ‘there is no reliable data to show that the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) did not evolve naturally’; second, he smeared Dr. Yan’s paper as ‘fanciful but dangerous nonsense’. But the myth is that this weak scientific ‘proof’ Iris Zhao armed her malware with from Prof. Holmes, who holds the record of participating the CCP’s gene mapping is found no trace of existence on Google Scholar. On the 9th of July Prof. Holmes published an article on the transmission of the CCP virus. His partaking in search of the origin of the CCP virus is in an article titled ‘The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2’, published on the 17th of March in Nature. In another word, Prof. Holmes hasn’t evinced any evidence to refute Dr. Yan’s paper published on the 14th of September. Prof. Holmes’ articles were both issued before Dr. Yan’s papers came into light. Although the ‘proof’ that gave breath to Iris Zhao’s Trojan Horse vindicates its own nature: ‘fanciful but dangerous nonsense’. It is probable that Iris Zhao phrased her ‘proof’ from her telephone interview with Prof. Holmes. Iris Zhao’s awkward journalist acrobatics distortion leaves us a perfect panorama of the lifeblood of the CCP’s hive mind.

Ariel Bogle: ‘BGY’ed journalist whose soul is hacked?

Ariel Bogle is the first reporter of this stealthware news that defames Mr. Bannon and the New Federal State of China. She serves as a scientific journalist of ABC. However, according to the interviewees, the person who role-played the interviewer and primary author is Iris Zhao. Then why Ariel Bogle is the first reporter? One of the reasons may be that the news was published in the science session of ABC and Ariel Bogle is a dedicated reporter of the session. Why was the report issued especially in the science session? It could be because Dr. Yan’s second report, informing the world on the 8th of October is entitled ‘SARS-CoV-2 Is an Unrestricted Bioweapon: A Truth Revealed through Uncovering a Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud’.

This pre-conceived dosage of CCP literal fentanyl was machinated as a blitzkrieg one day after Dr. Yan’s second paper subscribed to the world, with the branding ‘ABC Science’ plausibly serving a sitting second ‘proof’. From such a meticulous arrangement it is inevitable that Ariel has traversed the CCP’s Great Firewall and become a loyal ‘BGY’ed (B is for blue that indicates scientific spying; G is for gold that signifies money bribe; Y is for yellow, refers to sexual bribe) overseas Marxist apostle. On the 10th of October this report was granted with a new identity entitled ‘The truth about COVID-19’: How anti-Beijing activists are spreading coronavirus conspiracies. An overnight ABC news surgery was operated only to prove its unwavering devotion to the CCP. The Whistleblower Movement is never anti-Beijing, anti-China or anti-Chinese, but anti-CCP and its dictatorship regime.

CCP’s overseas propaganda supply chain spotlighted

ABC Science underwent a credibility abortion, followed with a self-suicidal raid on Dr. Yan’s paper and the New Federal China, all for nothing but provisioning a peek of its identity as a member of the western mainstream media’s adulterous propaganda supply chain for the CCP.

The overseas proxies for the propaganda supply chain are CCP-prescribed, made-in-the-West products, and may be classified into two categories: the first one constitutes those who are implanted with CCP’s central processor, with western first name and Chinese family name. Iris Zhao and Adam Ni, the director of the China Policy Centre based in Canberra are solid examples; the second one comprises those who are westerners, willing to trade justice and righteousness for interests: Ariel Bogle, Prof. Edward Holmes of University of Sydney and Dr. Kaz Ross of the University of Tasmania are among them.

The credibility of such CCP’s propaganda supply chain in the west is based on western mainstream media’s self-claimed narrative for standing on the side of science, professionalism, truth, and humanity. But when the world deserves the true origin of the CCP virus, the mainstream media filters everything else and only processes the CCP’s instructions on providing answers by vindicating the fraud of Dr. Yan’s papers with some martial arts of non-scientific, unprofessional witchcrafts. At the beginning of Iris Zhao and Ariel Bogle’s article, Dr. Yan’s paper was identified as an invalid insurrection against their own true origin of the CCP virus because a lady named Christine considered it as false information, and Prof. Holmes reckoned Dr. Yan’s paper entire baloney. But both of the propaganda executors failed to include any scientific proofs that give them ground to stand on. Oh right, they prefer to kneel.

In the report Iris Zhao and Ariel Bogle referred to the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce (NC19CET)’s finding on ‘lack of evidence supports the sole prescription of hydroxychloroquine as an effective cure for the CCP virus’. And that, in another word, implies that hydroxychloroquine is an effective cure when taken with other drugs. But the mainstream media, in the time of global health emergency, swears the oath of Valar Dohaeris to the CCP and does the favor of muting the public from the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

The CCP’s western propaganda supply chain mirrors the souls of the elites in science, politics, finance and technology, hacked and malformed beyond mend. In the second paper Dr. Yan illuminated the collective global hoax that the CCP, the world-class scientific experts, labs, scientific journals and academic institutions, WHO, and individuals self-direct and -perform, attempting to crucify the true origin of the CCP virus. The big tech companies and mainstream media respond to the summon, at the price of martyring their own conscience, in favor of the evil authority’s counterfeit providence. But Dr. Yan is chosen to bring forward the truth that will ultimately confirm curses and death to the lies and evil authority that possesses the CCP and all the other criminals.

Translator: Joyphie [㊙️G-Translators/ Authentic Writing Team]

Original author: Shawn

Proof-reader: Voice of Heart

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