10/12 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep261

1. On October 12, Yang Gonghuan, former deputy director of the CCP’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reminded the world that the second wave of the global pandemic had begun. If the CCP is not eliminated, it will release more viruses.

2. In Beijing’s Dongcheng District, the government brainwashed the people with Cultural-Revolution-like slogans and encouraged them to snitch on one another, to achieve the goal of a stable government.

3. After contracting cancer, Cao Yaxiong, an expert on socialism in Wuhan University, relied on crowdfunding to pay for medical expenses. The CCP system has caused people who get seriously ill to save lives by raising funds on their own.

4. After expanding the number of auxiliary police by four million, the Chinese Communist Party has introduced a new 《Inspection Law》, which requires the public to fully cooperate with the police in any enforcement action, otherwise the police can shoot without warning.

5. In the context of capital flight from the CCP elite, Terry Guo sold 3.5 million shares of Alibaba last year; With the recent report that the US could sanction Alibaba, Terry Guo quickly sold 630,000 shares, raising an estimated US $ 186.38 million.

6. At Wuhan University, 400 students harvested wheat crops by their own hands. This recreated the typical scene from the Cultural Revolution when students labored in the countryside.

7. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview on October 9 that the US, Japan, Australia, and India have formed an alliance to counter the CCP’s threats and also noted that Taiwan is the point of conflict.

8. (Sec. Pompeo, with Newsmax TV, 10/9) We recognize what the Chinese Communist Party did to the world, and what they did to the American people – not only the loss of life here that’s so tragic, but all the destruction of jobs and opportunity that’s happened. 

The Chinese Communist Party is directly responsible for this because they chose to cover this up and do what authoritarian regimes do, hide information from the world.

I will tell you that the Chinese Communist Party has already started to pay a price in so many ways. I don’t know if you saw the data but the world has turned against them. People have come to understand the threat that they pose. 

9. (10/10 Steve Bannon) How did they(WHO), you were told in January 1st or 2nd, yet on the 12th and 14th they’re telling the world nothing to worry about here?

(Dr. Li-Meng Yan) They (WHO) know it of course but they’re scared of Chinese communist party.

And then they are obedient to China government’s policies. China government doesn’t want people to talk about it and then they want people just to listen to their statement.

That’s why the WHO later said there is no case, and all their statement is the same, as what China government said, and also behind that there is benefit of course.

10. (10/7) In our war between justice and evil, some are definitely going to jail in America. Let’s see who’s to get in jail.

My friends, those of you who were arrested in Texas today, are holding my heart every moment.

Have you thought about it, Bob Fu, Guo Baosheng,  Meng Weican, Xia Yeliang, Hu Ping, Wu Jianmin, and Sasha Gong… they can only target people like us, i.e. they sell and deceive our compatriots, bribe American politicians and BGY American officials to make deals with the CCP.

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