10/11 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep260

1. Recently, the media revealed that the family of Hu Xijin, who is editor-in-chief of Global Times well known as the CCP’s mouthpiece and anti-American pioneer, had already emigrated overseas.

2. The CCP launched the seventh national census, collected from households personal information of residents living in China and overseas.

3. In Henan, a man’s house was demolished and the owner got seven ribs broken by a group of people. The cadres of the township involved have repeatedly participated in the demolitions of private houses. The local government responded: “We don’t know about the case.

4. In Texas, comrade-in-arms of the New Federal State of China continued to protest against the CCP spy on the fifth day in compliance with the American laws.

5. The comrade-in-arms of the New China Federation in Auckland together with the local political party Advance New Zealand protested against the CCP: Take down the CCP. Take down the Firewall.

6.  The CCP intended to establish a “microchip university” to deal with the difficulty of chip supply; in fact, the CCP’s foundamental science of materials lags behind the West for decades and once it is isolated from the international industrial chain, the microship-making plan will inevitably fail.

7. American and Japanese warships frequently appeared in the South China Sea to deter the totalitarian CCP.

8.  (Arirang News, 10/9) South Korea has reported its first case of African swine fever in a year.  The disease is not harmful to humans but is almost always fatal to pigs.  The Agriculture Ministry says three pigs were found dead on Thursday at a farm in Gangwon-do Province and were later confirmed to have been infected.  The authorities plan to cull more than 2,000 pigs including those within a 10-kilometer radius of the infected farm.

9. (Steve Bannon, 10/8) The Chinese Communist Party is at war with their people, they’re at war with the United States of America and they don’t care what happens to mankind, Dr. Li-Meng Yan has put it on the line, she put her whole livelihood, her career, her personal safety, her family’s safety, she’s putting it on the line. I don’t want to hear again “I’m not happy about it.”  If he (Trump) loses it is because they did not confront the Chinese Communist Party on this pandemic and what they did.

10. (10/7) It is a joint effort organized by overseas Chinese to punish liars through law.  As long as we abide the law, we will punish these Chinese traitors who lied to America, these fake pastors and priests who lied to Chinese people, the likes of Bob Fu and Guo Baosheng.  At the expense of U.S. national security, they have stolen from the U.S., sold out the Chinese people, made deals with the CCP, scammed people for money, sex, political interest, even people’s lives.

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