10/16 Financial News: Shenzhen Stock Exchange suffered trading “fault”, CCP refused to reduce the debt to CCP virus-hit poor countries

Image Source: orfonline
  1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.07% to end at 28,494.2 points, while the S&P 500 lost 0.15% to 3,483.34.The Nasdaq Composite dropped 0.47% to 11,713.87.
  2. Dutch telecoms KPN has chosen Sweden’s Ericsson to build core elements of its new 5G mobile network following a decision last year not to select CCP’s Huawei, said on 15th Oct.
  3. Canada has ordered a national security review of Shandong Gold Mining Co Ltd’s bid to acquire a gold mine in the Canadian Arctic, the mine’s owner said on 15th Oct, in the latest sign of pushback faced by CCP’s state miners.
  4. International organization calls on CCP to cancel debt to CCP virus-hit poor countries, CCP said it’s unlikely to reduce the debt!
  5. CCP Merchants Securities (CMS) to close London commodities brokerage, and metal broking sources say CMS retreating from London could be linked to political tensions between Britain and Hong Kong.
  6. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange experienced a trading ”fault” that traders were unable to trade or withdraw orders, and some investors suffered heavy losses. Shenzhen Stock Exchange apologized, but no compensation for the possible losses.
  7. Raised nearly 6 billion, CCP’s first fresh food e-commerce company Yiguo Fresh Food went bankrupt and reorganized.

By 【Financial and Law Team-Tracy】

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