【12 Hong Kong people are arrested to mainland by extradition bill】Dissatisfied with Hong Kong people being sent to mainland, Kwun Tong appears big-character posters

Translator: EA; Reviewer: Wencheng

On October 13th, 12 Hong Kong people were intercepted by the Chinese Coast Guard while they were suspected of escaping to Taiwan. They were detained by the police for more than one and a half months. The family members of the arrested people were rushing for the incident for several days, but no news has been received so far. The police suddenly arrested 9 people on suspicion of assisting 12 Hong Kong people in smuggling, which caused more controversy and criticism.

At about midnight on the 13th, on Kwun Tong Road near Tong Yan Street, someone posted a big-character poster to express their dissatisfaction with the incident, to express the dissatisfaction of people who posted with the incident of 12 Hong Kong people being sent to the mainland and the Chinese Communist regime. The big-character poster urged the authorities to release the arrested Hong Kong people [return 12 (person) to me].

When the [Typhoon Signal No. 3] warning was hoisted, passers-by could clearly see them passing by the Kwun Tong MTR station with umbrellas. Some people called the police and police officers came to investigate.

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