Bob Fu Framed The Peaceful Demonstrators

This video contains all the evidence that will assist you to understand the situation.

Bob Fu, who self-claims as a Chinese dissident and a Christian pastor that assists political refugees to flee from the Chinese Communist Party. However, upon investigating his background, we found out that he is heavily involved with the CCP’s political activities in the U.S.

On Oct, 5th, 2020, a group of Chinese Americans voluntarily gathered in Midland, Texas, in an attempt to expose Fu’s false narratives that he has been conjured over the years. We demand Bob Fu’s clarifications over the following three things:

1) his background with the Chinese Communist Party;

2) the funding source for ChinaAid;

3) as a political refugee, how can he return to China safely;

Until Oct. 13, 2020, Bob Fu still had not directly responded to any of these inquiries; instead, he began spreading rumors of the gatherers. He accuses them of being threatening and violent to him and his family. Moreover, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and the mayor, Patrick Payton, have all accused the peaceful gatherers as thugs and terrorists.

We are not thugs, and we need to talk to Senator Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the mayor Patrick Payton.

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