Highlights Lu De and Friends – October 14,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club, Twitter: @CanadaHimalaya

The Morning Show

• The news of Hunter Biden’s hard-drive gate from New York Post verifies what Mr. Lu De disclosed on his show a couple of weeks ago. The Jiang-Zeng-Meng Gang from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) delivered the hard drive to DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani through a repair shop.
• Based on the email communication between him and Xi Jinping (Xi) from the hard drive, Joe Biden has a ‘major’ national security problem. And Jiang-Zeng-Meng’s white gloves Ye Jianming, Wu Xiaohui and Xiao Jianhua were all sold by Joe Biden to Xi.
• President Trump retweeted a post yesterday, which alleged that bin Laden is still alive and that Joe Biden and Barack Obama “may have had Seal Team 6 killed”. Everything has just begun!
• Dr. Yan has repeatedly declined interview invitations from the New York Times because she knows they are fake news manipulated by the CCP. Katherine j. Wu from the New York Times just slammed Dr. Yan’s report in her article, saying that it groundlessly condemned policymakers, scientific journals, and individual researchers. And the article also points out that Dr. Yan’s paper is misinformed, but she is unable to provide any scientific evidence.

The Late Night Show

• New York Post dropped a bombshell of H.Biden hard-drive-gate, becoming a search trend on social media. Republican Judiciary Committee, Fox News, President Trump, Sen. Hawley, and others retweet/forward the story, and it’s all over. However, it’s unusual that some so-called anti-communism individuals and institutions suddenly become extremely quiet, such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bob Fu, Chinese Democracy activists, HK Apple daily, even VOA. Time to drain this swamp.
• It’s so terrible that Facebook and Twitter have taken down the story of “Smoking Gun” emails related to the Bidens, Hunter in New York Post, and suspended so many accounts that discussed the development. This is Digital Civil War in the U.S.
• Mr. Bannon told Fox News, Joe Biden lies all the time and has a ‘major’ national security problem, and he will appear on Mr. Lu De’s show to reveal more content in the hard drive.
• Whistleblower fellow warrior, Ocean, talked about the peaceful protest in front of a fake priest Bob Fu’s house and described how badly the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltrated the local government.
• The CCP media, Global Times, quoting the New York Times’ stories, and the Australian media, ABC, launched a political slam against Dr. Yan and her report and tried to brainwash the Chinese inside the firewall. According to the intel, Xi Jinping has set up an operation team to attack Dr. Yan and her report.

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6 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !

6 months ago

ccp is too evil, it kill people as if it kill chickens