CCP said no free vaccine to Chinese People

Randy Young, Reporter

Oct 13th, 2020

CHINA —– On October 12, 2020, the Beijing Evening News published a proposal by the National People’s Congress to include the vaccine of COVID-19 into social medical insurance for full reimbursement.  It mentioned that it would be free for all Chinese people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, the National Healthcare Security Administration of China made an excuse that the COVID-19 vaccine is a preventive vaccine that should not be included in the scope of the social medical insurance policy. Meanwhile, considering a large number of vaccinated people, they claimed that it could not afford the price.

China has developed the vaccine of COVID-19

The statement reflected that the Chinese people are the leek for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP ) to be harvested. When the epidemic broke out in China and the world, all governments in the Western world rushed to put additional funds from the government budget to help the victims. The CCP does not want to allocate more funds to the Chinese people. When all countries in the world sent planes to bring their citizens back to their home countries, the CCP ignored the requests of the Chinese overseas to return to China on the grounds of preventing the imported virus. When countries around the world offered the furnished hotels for free to their people for quarantine, the CCP charged high fees.

While Xi is trying to rub off the last penny of the Chinese people, he fabricates an image of his generosity to the world. At the 73rd WHO Conference, Xi promised that China would provide the vaccine of COVID-19 as a public product of the world. Later, Xi and other senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party made it clear on various diplomatic occasions that the Chinese Communist Party would prioritize the vaccine supply to developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa. The goal of this movement was to bribe countries in the world through “vaccine diplomacy” and achieve its objective of controlling the world and confronting the free world such as the United States. For the regime to survive, the CCP give vaccines as “public products” to other countries for free or provide vaccines at low prices; however, it is unwilling to provide free vaccines to its people.

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