Two US Bureaus prohibit HongKong Netizens from visiting their Websites: HongKong is losing its position as an Information Centre

Translated by Little Leaf; Reviewed by Wencheng

The official websites of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau are unaccessible to HongKong netizens, to whom it will be difficult to obtain relevant economic statistics. Financial Times quotes an American official that this is because Washington government doesn’t think that HongKong has the rights of autonomy any more.

With the implementation of HongKong National Security Law and the violent suppression of HongKong’s democracy and freedom, it is very likely that more U.S. bureaus will prohibit HongKong netizens from visiting their websites. HongKong experts and financial analysts believe that this will impact HongKong’s status of information centre.

It is reported by British Financial Times that the U.S. Bureau of Labor initiated their geoblocks including HongKong as early as January, 2018. Yet Bureau of the Census neither admitted nor denied the geoblocks to HongKong netizens. They  claimed that they would continue to examine the reports on cyber threat and would thus adjust  their policy accordingly.

The block of U.S. websites to Hong Kong IP will have much impact on practitioners’  real-time access to the important economic statistics of American unemployment rate and international trade, etc.  Characterized by the high degree of freedom of information and the high-speed, Hong Kong is losing its advantages.

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