CCP Virus Pandemic Ep258: The CCP eradicates poverty by abolishing the title of “poor counties”

  1. The CCP eradicates poverty by abolishing the title of “poor counties”: in 2018, during the 13th National People’s Congress, Liu Yongfu, director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development said to the media: by 2020, all existing poor counties will be abolished such title and regional poverty will be eliminated. However, the year of 2020 is almost over and Communist China still has so many poor people, as shown in the video.
  2. In China ruled by the CCP, there are not only concentration camps in XinJiang, but also aggressive law enforcement teams consist of police and local bylaw officers in everywhere. Ironically, Zhang Jun, the CCP Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said, “I would like to tell the United States that your platitudes are completely untrue. China’s achievements in human rights development are remarkable to the world, and China has taken effective measures to combat terrorism, defend national security and promote economic and social development.”
  3. The politicization of religion : Xu Xiaohong, Chairman of National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China (TSPM), said: “The church in China is surnamed ‘China’ but not ‘West’, the anti-Chinese forces in the West will not succeed in their vain attempt to continue to influence the social stability of our country through Christianity, or even subvert the regime of our country. In the new era, Christianity in China must persist in its Chinese orientation and actively adapt to the socialist society of the new era with Chinese characteristics”.
  4. The CCP, which released the virus at the first place, has started vaccine diplomacy: Yang Jiechi, director of the General Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CCP, will visit Sri Lanka, the UAE, Algeria and Serbia from October 8 to 12.
  5. (10/7) (Steve Bannon) I thought Dr. Yan’s performance last night on Tucker Carlson was extraordinary… She’s been very quiet, very stoic, as she basically revealed last night they’ve been after her parents. (Jack Maxey) In the last year and a half they promoted this program where they’re taking DNA samples of every single male in China… but really what analysts believe this is for that if anybody steps off the reservation you cannot hide, we can track you and your family by DNA and we will get those close to you.
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