Eastern Chinese Pathogenic Biology Research Institution Established, Targeting “Strategic National Security”

Author: Rica

Editor: TNT Crew

The authorities in China have established the Eastern Chinese Pathogenic Biology Research Institution in Shanghai, claiming to research on the pathogen and national security with two famous CCP virologists.

Zhang Yongzhen, the Chinese virologist researcher who claimed that the virus was closely related to Zhoushan bats on Nature, was appointed the president of the institution. Shi Zheng li, also the Chinese virologist who worked at the P4 laboratory in Wuhan, was designated to be the vice president. She published a paper articulating the virus was more related to RAGT13, on the same day of Zhang’s publication of his argument. The official statement claimed that their presence at the institute would be an “essential part of the national security strategy”. According to Lude Times, the new policies issued along with the establishment of the institution were to submit any scientific research to censoring groups for political screening before publishing. 

How could those two contradicted views be put together? According to Lude Times, a plausible reason behind the scene is that as Jiang disclosed the three hard disks which contained highly classified information, they showed their opposition to the CCP. Deploying Shi and Zhang to Shanghai may be their strategy to obtain these witnesses on Xi and Wang’s crime in creating the virus. As the crime is being revealed, an increasing number of Chinese authorities are trying to find the best way to wash off their misdeeds, and Lude believes that more drama within the Chinese government is yet to come.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people