Truth or lies: The choice has to be made in your heart

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By the time Dr. Yan Li-Meng’s two reports on the virus presented to the world, more than 36 million people worldwide had been infected by the CCP virus and more than a million had died of it. These are not just statistical numbers, but leave behind all broken families. For those who lost their beloved family members, it is the most heart-breaking tragedy they are reluctant to experience in their lives. Do you still choose to believe that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus comes from nature when two scientific reports by Dr. Li-Meng Yan have confirmed it is an unrestricted biological weapon by scientific evidence both pro and con? Have you experienced in your life that a naturally occurring virus could have caused global health system collapse, world economy crises and everyone who is in danger of being infected?  No, this never has been happened before.

In order to endorse the CCP, many of the current elite media are forced to attack Dr. Yan, using up all their influential powers to misinform people that the virus comes from nature. However, Dr. Yan’s reports have been fully affirmed by the relevant authorities and professionals, so all the offensive and fake propaganda news the mainstream media have produced are just a cover-up ploy to distract attention from the truth and slow things down a little bit. Now all the audiences should have the basic common sense that Dr. Yan’s reports can only be proved to be fake in the way that the CCP government provides solid evidences that they did not produce biological weapons to start biochemical warfare on purpose. Or else any type of attacks and smears on Dr. Yan’s personality, lying propaganda and so-called scientific elites’ endorsement of natural source theory will definitely substantiate that Dr. Yan is telling the truth and all the irrelevant counterarguments will be ended in failure.  

Let’s refresh our memories back to January 19, 2020 when Lude told us that this virus was manufactured in a laboratory, what did the CCP and WHO publicize in response to this? They claimed that there were bats, pangolins, snakes, salmon and even other planets in the universe got involved, and thus contributed to all sorts of odd and conflicting inferences and conclusions. However, our Whistleblower’s Movement never changed our position based on the fact since that day that the virus came from a laboratory. As long you have a little bit of capacity to discern truth from falsehood, you should have a sense of who is lying. It is obvious that when a lie is exposed, it must be covered up with another lies. And the liar will continue to tell more and more lies until they are full of loopholes. Then the liar become furious from embarrassment and will attack the truth teller by utilizing all manipulative powers and cover-up suppressions. From the seemingly smart but contradictory arguments and cover-ups we can tell that it (the nature origin of the virus) is a big whopper from the beginning. 

Based on this, the audiences who have ability of independent thinking will ask why we keep hearing lies from the CCP without receiving any truth? And when the truth of the virus is revealed, why the CCP only chooses to viciously attack instead of providing strong evidence to prove that Dr. Yan’s reports are not the truth. There is only one possibility and conclusion that can be drawn that the CCP virus is indeed a biochemical weapon from the beginning. But the CCP regime and fake medias backing up this regime cannot stand the truth be revealed to the public, so they go out of their most evil ways to suppress and discredit Dr. Yan. The CCP knows that once the truth is revealed to the public, their evil plans will fall through and they will be judged and held accountable by the world’s legal system pursuing justice.  

However, such a straightforward reasoning does not always work on some people who still want to believe that the virus comes from nature. Why? Many people have lost their ability to think independently and devoid of the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong because of infinitely expanding desires for fame and wealth. The ordinary people in the Communist China are so exhausted from the daily torments of being terribly busy, paying loans of houses and cars, and medical treatment, combined with brainwashing disinformation propaganda and a totalitarian regime, so they simply do not have the time or the basic rule of law to think about what the truth is. When their own destinies are enslaved by the ruling regime, the capacity to think independently has been atrophied, and the thoughts of the rulers become their thoughts through the violent suppression and propaganda deception of the state apparatus. When the elites of various fields in the West cooperated with the CCP to cover up the truth about the virus for fame and money, they also lost their independent judgment of right and wrong, good and evil, and became the accomplices in the CCP’s evil doing.

Lu Xun (a famous Chinese writer) said, “When turbidity and lies become the norm, sobriety and truth become sins.”

Thoreau said, “In today’s world, where lies and illusions are held up as the supreme truths, reality has become utterly absurd.”

But now, Dr. Li-Meng, Yan, the hero has come to the centre of the stage, saving all the mankind. Everyone with kindness and just consciousness is no longer alone and helpless. You only have to make a choice: Choose to join the group of truth and change your destiny of being manipulated, or choose to worship the mortification and deceptions of the manipulative power and remain at the mercy of so-called authorities.  The ultimate battle between good and evil has begun, and none of us has a third choice. To pursue truth and justice or be satisfied with corruptions and evils is fully dependent on each person’s choice!

Author:Squirrel【㊙G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

Proof-Reader:Voice of Heart

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