Christian Briefing (Issue 1) About Fu Xiqiu

Translator:Doco文鼎; Reviewed by Wencheng

On October 7, 2020, Mr. Guo Wengui rebuked Mr. Fu Xiqiu as a CCP spy in the live broadcast ( The difference is that this live broadcast started with the topic of Tan Fu, and pointed out that Fu Zeng belonged to the 12th Bureau of the Security Ministry of the China Communist Party and was the subordinate of Deputy Minister Ma Jian, and Director Tao of the Hainan 12th Bureau was his direct leader. Fu’s other information includes that he was a senior lecturer in a party school and a member of the China Communist Party. The whole world hopes that Fu Xiqiu will answer these three questions:

  1. When Fu applied for asylum in the United States, did he truthfully fill in his identity as a member of the China Communist Party?
  2. Not only did Fu become naturalized in the United States through asylum, but he also helped others for asylum, why can he also return to China?
  3. the China Aid Association founded by Fu, is a non-profit organization. Where are the all the donations it received?

The live broadcast showing that peaceful protesters were threatened by several unidentified gunmen when they protested at the front of Fu’s house, and three of them were taken away by the police. Someone could hear painful groans. Mr. Wengui firmly opposed the Mayor of Midland’s description of the protesters as terrorists. He awared that there were eight rifles and ten white men around the protesting people. He believed that the police excessive law enforcement, “if there are thousands of Fu Xiqiu, the United States will be occupied completely.” Mr. Wengui informed that a lawyer had stepped in to help the arrested people, and warned it that The New Federal State of China and Fu Xiqiu was a battle between angel and evil, and someone must be arrested. The above reasons may have caused Mr. Wengui’s sad and angry emotions.

You can see the actions taken by Fu Xiqiu through Twitter ( To sum it up:

  1. Show a letter from Daniel Stephens, senior pastor of Mid-Cities Community Church to prove which he belongs.
  2. Quote supportive tweets from political celebrities, such as Rubio and Cruz.
  3. Quoting from Pastor Zhang Boli’s supportive remarks.
  4. Citing the testimony of people who have been helped by ChinaAid, such as Geng He.
  5. Quotes the expression such as: J Michael Waller (@JMichaelWaller), Guo Baosheng, Wu Jianmin, etc.
  6. Quote the remarks of other unknown but oppose revolutionary and The New Federal State of China, such as: Mischa (@MischaEDM), Tudou (@Tudou522525), Jonathan releases the pastor Wang Yi and Elder Qin Defu (@freehongkong19).

7     Quoting some tweets supported by Westerners, such as: Karen Piper (@PiperK), Nancy French (@NancyAFrench), (they may be friends they know).

8     Accused Mr. Guo and The New Federal State of China are CCP secret agents whose mission is to disrupt the overseas democracy movement.

This incident has received more and more attention in Chinese churches around the world and American politicians, so it is of great importance. If Mr. Wengui’s accusation is true, then Fu is an angel-like people hidden in the church system by the CCP. Someone helped Fu or the Chinese and Westerners who have been helped by him, were deceived and used by Fu (including his church), and even suffered by him without knowing it. At the same time, many people in the mainland and other places who believe in persecution are still pinning their hopes on him. As a Christian, after reading Fu Xiqiu’s Twitter for nearly two weeks, I gradually became concerned about him. The reasons are as follows.

First, how did Fu enter the CCP school to become a teacher? Mr. Wen Gui referred him as a senior teacher at the China Communist Party School, and someone has posted his previous school ID card on the Internet. The current page of the English version of Fu’s ChinaAid website also lists this point when introducing Fu. The translation is: Fu graduated from the School of International Relations, Renmin University, Beijing, and taught English to CCP officials at Beijing Administration School and China Communist Beijing Party School from 1993 to 1996. (Https://

Although I don’t know if this point was added to the website after the school work permit was revealed, but as Pastor Zhang Boli (@zhangboli198964) said, ‘being a party school teacher is not the same as a spy. However, what is puzzling is how, as a student leader who participated in the 8964 student democracy movement, he entered the party school and became a teacher in the system. The usual understanding is that after graduation from several sessions of 8964, even if they did not participate in the student movement, they would not be able to stay in Beijing and would be assigned to a more remote area. But how the student leader of the student movement can be excluded.

Second, the content of Daniel Stephens’s attestation letter cited by Fu does not correspond to the accusations. When Fu quoted his senior pastor Daniel Stevens’s letter of certification, he said: “Thanks for my senior pastor Stevens of the Midcities Church in Midland solemnly condemn about Guo and Ant’s shameless words. Tkx Rev Daniel Stephens @midcities issues this solidarity statement. Our church is an international church with more than 3,000 people. Open your eyes and take a look at the list of pastors and elders of our church staff-elders……” Then what did Pastor Stevens solemnly declare?

Pastor Stevens’s letter of attestation denies’unfounded accusations by unqualified individuals in recent weeks, falsely claiming that Bob Fu is not a pastor’ and any allegations that Bob Fu is not a pastor is categorically false’. In addition, Pastor Stevens expressed his trust and appreciation for Fu. He said: “Bob’s humility and sincere faith are unequal among his contemporaries”.

It can be seen that Pastor Stevens has a very high evaluation of Fu, and what he opposes is a remark that claims Fu is not a pastor, but this is not what Mr. Wen Gui and The New Federal State of China accused. They accused is: Fu is a fake pastor and a fake pastor; this can be understood as Fu has the appearance and title of a pastor, but does not have the essence to be a pastor. So the author here speculates whether it was someone who relayed the original accusation to Pastor Stevens by saying:’They said Fu is not a pastor’, which caused Pastor Stevens’ rebuttal.

Third, the Chinese version of Fu’s certification letter has a mistranslation problem. Fu posted the original English and Chinese translation. There is an extra line above the title of the Chinese version, which is not in the English version:”Daniel Stevens, the senior pastor of the Midland/Odessa Twin Cities Church (probably Stevens), issued the following statement on behalf of the church’s pastor Fu Xiqiu being threatened, smear and slander.” The English certification letter did not mention that Fu was threatened, so the Chinese version had an error in adding content, which made people feel that the translator of the Chinese version was trying to expand the proof scope of Pastor Stevens’s certification letter on his own terms.

This feeling is further strengthened in the following two differences. Pastor Stevens said in the letter: “He has engaged in pastoral responsibilities,” This sentence means that Fu is involved in pastoral responsibilities, but the Chinese version says: “He has been commited to pastoral responsibilities.” The letter said. : “As a licensed minister of the gospel,” means that Fu is a certified minister or co-worker, but the Chinese version restricts the broader term minister, saying:” As a pastor with systematic training”.

Fourth, is Fu “always comitted to pastoring the church”? Open the list of church pastors and elders provided by Fu, you can indeed see that Fu is in the pastor group, but his pastor title is: ChinaAid Pastor, Pastor of China Aid Association. The others are Senior Pastor, Campus Pastor, Worship Pastor, Executive Pastor, Men-Outreach Pastor, Stewardship Pastor, Connection Pastor, Youth Pastor, Adult Ministry Pastor.

In this way, in this church, pastors are not only those responsible for gospel ministers, but also responsible for specific functions such as liaison, execution, and service, and Fu is responsible for handling assistance to China. The pastor of association affairs does not seem to be in charge of preaching, Moreover, in the preaching video of this year listed on the church website, I did not see Fu’s preaching. But because this is an international church with more than 3,000 people, it is still possible to have a preaching responsibility in its Chinese fellowship. Even so, according to Pastor Stevens’ letter, “He has engaged in pastoral responsibilities,” and his primary responsibility is to deal with the specific affairs of the China Aid Association, so Fu’s pastoral participation It is still doubtful whether the Chinese version says: “He has been dedicated to pastoring the church”.

Fifth, when and how did Fu become a pastor? According to the October 7th “Statement”, Fu became a house church pastor after the 8964 student movement and before fleeing to the United States in 1996. In the introduction to the English version of the China Aid website, Fu was the leader of a house church in Beijing for two months before being detained for “illegal preaching.” in 1996. The leader of a house church can refer to a pastor or a layman. Therefore, it is not sure when and how Mr. Fu became a pastor. However, according to the “Statement”, it is certain that Fu’s pastor status was not ordained in the United States, but was granted by a certain house church in China; that is to say, after Fu arrived in the United States, he may claim to be a pastor.

The title of pastor is noble because of his great responsibility. The pastor came to shepherd the flock for Jesus Christ and be an example for the flock; also because of his high personal character requirements, read 1 Timothy chapter 3 and mention One chapter in more books can be known. Mr. Fu attaches great importance to his identity of the pastor. This can be seen from the “Statement” and the pastor Stevens’ letter of proof.

However, with the rapid development of churches in the mainland in recent years, many church pastors have different ordination standards, resulting in a mix of good and bad pastors, and the quality of pastors has declined. In view of this, and in order to avoid being noticed by the CCP authorities, a considerable number of pastors have deliberately chosen not to be ordained as pastors. They believe that with the essence of a pastor without the title of pastor, in the eyes of Jesus Christ, he is still a pastor; with the title of pastor without the essence of a pastor, he is still not a pastor in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Sixth, Fu distorted the peaceful nature of the protesters. The protesters believed that some overseas pro-democracy activists were fake democracy movement controlled by the CCP, and Fu was a fake pastor who had enter into the church world. In the past, both of them only criticized each other in the media. The main reason why they went to their homes to protest this time was because these people slandered Dr. Yan Limeng. Dr. Yan left her home and business and fled to the United States to join the whistleblower movement, exposing that the virus was a biological weapon made by the CCP and was deliberately releasing this global infection event. Since Dr. Yan’s revelations are related to the health and future of all around the world, overseas Chinese take it as their duty to defend it, so there are things to protest at the door of who support CCP for spreading the virus. Fu’s contemptuous attitude towards Dr. Yan Limeng can be seen from his repost of Mischa (@MischaEDM) on October 7. Mischa said: “Critical among the Critical: SV court documents stated that Guo Wengui has never provided valuable intelligence to the US intelligence agencies! He once boasted to the FBI in 2017 that he will give the CCP’s overseas intelligence network to the United States and need asylum. The U.S. intelligence agency judged that the value of intelligence was extremely low. In the end, the FBI did not accept it! (Like Yan Limeng) After being spotted by the FBI by telling lies, Guo realized that the problem was serious, so he gave Chairman Xi’s 826 allegiance!”

Seventh, Fu’s attitude towards the protesters was erratic. Mr. Fu mentioned at least twice that he would preach to the protesters. Mr. Fu said at the end of September, “Aren’t you afraid? Do you dare to come, thousands of brothers and sisters in Texas are waiting to preach the gospel to you! If you reject the gospel, John 3:16 will give you the chance of choice. I hope you still have the guts to come and debate in person, instead of madly lying and swearing! God has mercy.”

At first, when the protesters arrived at the gate of Fu’s house, there were not many people, and there were one to twenty people there. In order to increase the momentum, Mr. Wengui hoped that one to two hundred people would come to protest during the live broadcast. When Fu replied to @xiteller on October 3, he said: “I also look forward to organizing a small sermon at the door of the house for the 100-200 ants blown out? Meet 3:16!”

John 3:16 says: God loves the world and even gave his only-begotten Son to them, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. The mission is to preach the salvation of Jesus Christ. Seeing that Mr. Fu has such awareness and courage to preach the gospel, and for the concern about the souls of those who oppose him, I cannot help but admire him.

But Fu later began to warn the protesters again. He said on October 7th: “Anita Guo has studied the laws of Texas before he came to find trouble, Texas Governor Signs’Sanctuary Cities’ Ban into Law -cities-ban.html… According to this law, Texas prohibits so-called “sanctuary cities” from condoning illegal immigrants. All Texas police officers have the right and obligation to cooperate with the federal immigration department, including requesting ID identification. If you refuse to show it, arrest immediately. In reply to Guo Baosheng on October 8th, he said: “Are the ants come to our state to try the law? Do not listen to the warnings of the servants of God, the grace period is over!”

Loving the enemy is teaching by Jesus Christ himself. It is undoubtedly effective in winning the soul for Jesus Christ; even if you cannot love the enemy, a respectful attitude is a necessary prerequisite for preaching. However, Mr. Fu’s contemptuous terms “Guo Ant”, “Cheating”, “Illegal Immigration”, ” defy the law “, and “Time of Grace is over” are completely contradictory to the preaching the gospel.

In the church, the period of grace is usually understood as the period from the ascension of Jesus to his second coming to judge the world. During this period, anyone can receive the forgiveness and the salvation of the soul by believing in Jesus, so it is called The time of grace. Mr. Fu said that “the period of grace has end” is certainly not referring to the period of grace of Jesus Christ, because he cannot represent Jesus Christ, and no more mature Christian will agree that the period of grace of Jesus Christ has passed. Then Fu’s “time of grace has end” is borrowing the language of the church to express that his own time of grace has passed, and now he is going to be judged. On October 3, Mr. Fu also said that he would hold an evangelistic meeting to introduce the salvation of Jesus Christ to the protesters. Since he is still considering the well-being of the protesters’ souls, October 3 should still be in his grace period. But for some reason, the evangelistic meeting was not held, and the number of protesters should not exceed 200. Suddenly Fu’s grace period has ended on October 8.

Eighth, Fu believes that Mr. Wengui and the whistleblower movement are the claws of the CCP. Fu’s evidence is a video made by Mr. Wengui when he broke the news at the beginning of 2017. Mr. Chinese Gui once called General Secretary Xi the “great Chairman Xi”. Fu lamented: How much money does the “great Chairman Xi” need to pay for this? Take a look and listen: Why didn’t you mention the names of countless prisoners of conscience who were arrested by Xi? “In addition, Fu also took Mr. Wengui’s previous experience of mixing with the CCP as an evidence. He said: “I haven’t been assigned a passport by the Ministry of National Security of the China Communist Party and even issued several first-class merits! “

And he quoted Rubio, Cruz, Benedict Rogers Rogers (@benedictrogers), Karen Piper (@PiperK), Nancy French (@NancyAFrench) and others’ tweets showing that they thought Mr. Fu was threatened and harassed by the CCP.

But the long-term follow-up of Mr. Wengui and those who belongs to whistleblower movement are understandable to Fu’s allegations and are not surprised. Mr. Wengui said that “the great Chairman Xi” can be understood not only as a struggle strategy, but also as a stage in the development of his revolutionary thought. Everyone may still remember that Mr. Wengui’s stated purpose when he first speak out was to protect his life, wealth, and revenge, and soon he was nicknamed “the CCP terminator” among Westerners. Regardless of the strategy or the development process, when Mr. Wengui publicly and continuously shouted: Take Down the CCP, he and The New Federal State of China will be forever distinguished from those democratic and democratic activists who merely oppose the Communist Party.

In fact, apart from the Chiang Kai-shek government before 1949, among the Chinese, Mr. Wengui should be the first individual to raise the flag for exterminating the Communist Party. Not only did he set up a growing wave of extermination among the Chinese and Westerners, but they have won steadily against the CCP. No matter how the CCP died, it is almost beyond doubt that Mr. Guo Wengui and his effort for exterminating CCP have established their historical status.

Even the Michael Waller, Sinoe, and Guo Baosheng cited by Mr. Wengui who were often criticized by Mr. Wengui just vilified the protesters as ant gangsters, and did not dare to denigrate their stand on extermination of CCP. However, Fu influenced a group of Westerners to reveal attack Mr. Wengui and is a CCP power. There are two possibilities here. The first is Mr. Fu knows nothing about Mr. Wengui and the whistleblower movement, just like those Westerners who do not understand Chinese; the second type of Mr. Fu ignores facts and does it intentionally.

The former possibility is difficult to make sense, because Mr. Fu is in the United States and there is no firewall and other news blocking; he is also a native Chinese speaker, and he is not an elderly person who does not ask about current affairs. He is also a frequent visitor to American political circles. It’s no reason for him that has no idea about Mr. Guo and whistleblower movement.

So the second possibility is the greatest, which is also one of the main reasons why I worry about Fu. It stands to reason that as a pastor with a firm anti-communist stance, Fu Zai saw protesters holding similar positions. Even if he did not like the other party and did not preach the gospel to them, he would not attack them as a terrorist force of the CCP. As Fu himself realized: “Satan is the father of lies!” So I eagerly hope that Fu will further explain why he thinks Mr. Wengui and the whistleblower movement are the CCP forces.

Ninth, Fu cited a term used by fake democracy activists. The Yellow River professed the democracy movement, but he was able to return to China freely. He had just returned to China some time ago. Fu felt sympathy for the protest and said, “Followers of Mao Zedong = Guo Ant, it seems that we need to detoxify collectively. On the afternoon of October 7, the literary and artistic propaganda teamof Guo Zedong thought, come to the garage by the Yellow River to perform a great dance!”. There is a video of Sino Asylum training on the Internet. This person’s Twitter statement is distorted, saying that ” three ant bandits who assaulted Pastor Fu Xiqiu’s house were arrested.” Mr. Fu actually retweeted and accepted his “beaten” remarks. As a servant of God, shouldn’t you be happy to see the protester being exposed? Even if they disagree with the protesters’ methods, how can the protesters who speak out the truth be called Guo Ant, and they are equivalent to Mao Zedong’s followers?

Tenth, Fu Zhuan tweeted the remarks of the lewd person. Wu Nan (@hFsoG0lfrm0S_tl) said: “There is a Communist Party member Wang Papa (Wang Yanping) who has his own confession, why don’t you guys dare to mention a word?” In the video cited by Wu, Ms. Wang Yanping was interviewed by Wu Xiaoping At that time, be honest about being a party member. But the background of the nickname Wang Papa (Wang Yanping) should be that in the early days when Wengui speak out the truth, the CCP forged a recording of his sexual relationship with Wang Yanping in order to slander him. Because the contemporary Chinese word “Papa” implies sex, in other words the nickname is “King sex”. This person Wu Nan not only made obscene words, but also quoted a recording that has been proven to be forged by the CCP. Therefore, this person is a CCP force and there should be no doubt. Fu reposted this person to explain that either Fu didn’t understand the background and was not sensitive to obscene word; or Fu knew it and accepted it, which is far from the anti-communist priests should have.

Eleventh, can Fu provide a list and contact information of people who have been helped by China Aid Association? On Fu’s Twitter, there are indeed eight people who have come forward to prove that they have been helped by him. They are: Lawyer Wen Donghai’s wife Zhou Youfang (@o4DLdAf9V2bV6zX), Zhao Fengsheng’s wife Quan Haiyan LUO’LA (@zhaofengsheng), Chen Jiangang (@chenjglawyer) ), May A Zou (@MayChau1981), Aiwu (@aiwu8964), Li Aijie (Xinjiang Zhang Haitao’s wife) (@xiaomandela), 709 Chen Guiqiu (@709chenguiqiu), among which Gao Zhisheng’s wife Geng He (@ Genghe1). But the testimonies of the eight witnesses were all focused on thanking Fu for helping them escape to the United States and providing food and accommodation for free. There were no other details.

Considering that Fu’s China Aid Association has been established for 18 years, this number seems too small. At the same time, MOS.HIMALAYA (@Mos_Himalaya)’s October 7 video “Expose Bob Fu — A CCP Spy disguised as Pastor Bob Fu (part 1)” pointed out, “People who have been aided by him warn everyone Never go to Fu Xiqiu for help, and most people who have been’assisted’ by him are afraid to speak up because of threats.” Therefore, we expect all witnesses, including the eight above, to stand up and accept independent interviews.

Even if Fu has some good deeds, it is not enough to prove that he is a shepherd with clean hands and a clear heart. As mentioned earlier in this article, if Fu Zhen is an angel-like ghost hidden in the church system of the CCP, regardless of whether it is Chinese or Western people who have helped Fu or have been helped by him, they have been deceived and used by Fu (including his church), even suffer from it without knowing it.

In addition, I need to remind Fu and these “helped people”, don’t forget to give glory and gratitude to God, because the money used by Mr. Fu to help these people mainly comes from the donations of brothers and sisters in the church, so these money is God’s is not personal.

In this briefing, in addition to three important questions, it also listed 11 questions about Fu. Just as Pastor Stevens quoted the teaching in Luke 6:44 in his testimony letter, “Every tree can be recognized by see it’s fruit”, these questions and doubts are questioning about Fu’s fruit. At present, the fruit of Fu seems to be insufficient to support Pastor Stevens’s trust and evaluation of him, that is, Bob’s humility and sincere faith are unequal among his contemporaries.

We will continue to follow up this matter and report to you in time. Before the end, the Middle-Cities Community Church, which Fu belongs to, listed the affairs of China Aid Association as one of the main servants of the church. It can be seen that the church expresses its gratitude to China, the Chinese church, and those who are persecuted for their faith. Thanks For that.

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