10/07 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep256

1. Under the totalitarian rule of the CCP, there is no faith, no conscience, no god. Only the CCP is ruling everything. The monks sang in unison, “The brilliance of Chairman Mao’s thoughts shines brightly in our hearts.”

2. In Qingshanlan, in Xishui County, Huanggang, Hubei Province, people witnessed a forced demolishment, which happens every where in China! Residents knelt cried that the house they lived in for more than 30 years was forcibly demolished, and people were beaten and displaced.

3. On October 5, the CCP’s official media China News lied to the Chinese people inside the firewall that the Nobel Committee experts confirmed the CCP virus came from nature.

4. The Chinese company Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)  is stockpiling large quantities of critical equipment in preparation for US sanctions.

5. Upon US immigration bans on CCP members, Global Times chief editor Hu Xijin consoled himself that the US had left more talents to Communist China.

6. Is this a joke?

The People’s Daily published an article: The CCP, on behalf of 26 countries at the UN General Assembly, criticized the US and Western countries for human rights violations.

7. The Hong Kong corrupt police list was published, and these people will certainly be nailed to the pillar of shame in history.

8. (Reuters, 10/5) Paris is to be placed on a maximum COVID-19 alert. Bars will be forced to close for two weeks from Tuesday while restaurants will be allowed to stay open. They must put in place new sanitary protocols.

The prime minister’s office said on Sunday that there had been no improvement in the Paris region regarding the spread of infections.

The director of the Ile-de-France region’s health agency, Aurélien Rousseau, said there were 203 active clusters in the region.

9. (Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, 10/5)  Soviet Union is a political system of absolute tyranny and control. It’s rooted in an anti-God ideology and on the contrary, God is a big impediment to them, because if you have individuals that believe in a power greater than the government, that undermines the ability of this tyrannical government to control people.

And that’s what we’re seeing the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for so much death within China and so much environmental death.

10. (Mr. Miles Guo, 10/5) The Western world believes in the rule of law after all. All decisions shall be made in court.

Guo Baosheng is a CCP member, so is Bob Fu, Xiong Xianmin, Meng Weican, and Hu Ping. How did Wu Jianmin walk out of jail? Huang He Bian (Gao Bingchen) is a CCP member. Li Hongkuan collaborates (with the CCP). Sasha Gong is 100% a CCP member.

The US RICO Act will befall them. All overseas Chinese will be reviewed thoroughly like undergoing sieving time and again.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people