A Monster Called Malik Peiris

By: Yi Zu
Translator: Lish

Image Source: https://www.abc.es/

Jie-chi Yang is very busy these days, busy putting out fires. The first station is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is at the hinge of the Indian Ocean, and the strategically important port of Hambantota had to be leased to the Chinese Communist Party for 99 years because of its deep debt crisis in CCP’s Belt and Road Strategy. Just as Hong Kong became a British colony, Sri Lanka has already under the colonial control of the CCP. However, as the first diplomatist, why Jie-chi Yang have to travel to Sri Lanka in such a severe outbreak situation? When did Sri Lanka become so important? Mr. LuDe has given us the answer, which is Malik.

Malik Peiris is a master in the field of virology. He is also fellow of Royal Society of London and associate of US National Academy of Science. A scientist who should work for the wellness of humankind is in fact an accomplice of the CCP, a troll who wanted to exterminate humanity.

After Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s published the second scientific report, the truth of how the CCP created and released the virus has brought out to the world. I’m a non-professional, and I spent a little time searching for Malik, the godfather of the viral research world. I list some relevant information to share with you, and will express some of my personal views. Also, welcome to join the discussion together.

Malik, Peiris was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka in 1949, same as the CCP pseudo-regime. Will they depart the same time as well?

He is a doctor of medicine (MD)who graduated from the University of Ceylan Medical School in 1972.  Dr. Yan is an MD and gained a PhD as well. This is why Malik choose Dr. Yan as his student because both have dual doctoral backgrounds of MD and PhD. A monster who wants to destroy humans found a student who wants to save humanity. Is this a God-made arrangement?

Malik gained a PhD at Oxford University. I have noticed that Malik’s main direction as a PhD student at Oxford University is that antibodies may be promoting, rather than preventing, the virus from entering macrophages (the body’s first level of defensive cells). Isn’t that a little familiar? Is this how cytokine storms work? It shows that Malik has long been interested in this microbiological phenomenon of excessive force of the human immune system, whether by then has planted the seeds of evil?

In 1995, Malik transferred his work to Hong Kong, where he established the Clinical and Scientific Laboratory of the Royal Mary Hospital of the University of Hong Kong, based at the Pasteur Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong. Malik came to Hong Kong before the 1997 reunification. I believe that this has set the ground for his future collusion with the CCP devils and manipulation of different kinds of viruses. I had a brainstorm, combined with the recently exposed interior speech by Chi Haotian, which referred to the CCP’s plan to use large-scale lethal biological weapons. Although this was a speech delivered in 2005, I believe that the CCP bioweapon programme has implemented much longer. Don’t forget chi Haotian was a member of the CCP National Military Commission, State Councillor and defence minister in 1993. According to the decades-long layout of the CCP’s evil ‘architecture art project’, the introduction of Malik to Hong Kong in 1995 was not ahead of the time.

H5N1 avian influenza broke out in Hong Kong in 1997.  There were six people died among 18 infected cases. The mortality rate is more than three times higher than the typical flu. Malik proofed that the lungs of patients infected with the H5N1 filled with white blood cells called macrophages. His team has previously shown that white blood cells could release a chemical that damages lung tissue, and that an over-response by the immune system can lead to the death of an infected person. Does it echo the contents of his PhD research at Oxford University? Is the H5N1 a practical application of the immune system that promotes the virus to attack infected people? Has Malik’s years of research gone from theory to practice? Let’s think for ourselves!

SARS broke out in 2003. If the H5N1 is only spread from poultry to people and not from person to person, then SARS coronavirus had caused a pandemic in communities. There is no story without coincidences. Malik’s team was the first in the world detected and separated SARS coronavirus from a beaver, and verified that it is the “intermediate host.” Mr. LuDe has told that the SARS had been deliberately placed on the beaver. Also, the clue was that someone offered it to Malik’s team. Who would do something like this except one who created and released a virus? Malik is just one of the game players. No matter what, SARS has made Malik famous in the world. SARS coronavirus is perfect, but unfortunately, there is still a disadvantage, is sensitive to temperature and will disappear when the weather is hot. As a result, Malik is still a step away from the final “success”.

In 2009, there was an outbreak of influenza (H1N1) in the United States. According to the statistic of the U.S. CDC, the pandemic infected nearly 60 million people in the United States, and by 2012 the final count of global deaths has reached almost 300,000. The strange thing is that the source of the virus has not yet clearly stated by the scientific community. Speaking at a White House news conference on September 7, President Trump said the CCP had delivered H1N1 swine influenza to the United States as early as 2009. Does President Trump have all the evidence to say that? I believe that everyone has their judgment. Malik didn’t do much special in this pandemic, but he and his team have spared no effort to direct the source of the virus to pigs. For example, the H1N1 was found in pig nasal swabs with tubes, and claims that “genetic analysis shows that the virus found in pigs comes from humans, and the H1N1 originally spread from pigs.” If the H1N1 is a small test of the CCP’s biological weapons in the United States, then Malik with the CCP’s “exercise”, has already put into play.

2020 is a disaster. As I am sitting in front of my computer and typing these words, the world has entered into chaos because of the COVID-19. There are more than a million people had died, but the pandemic continues to spread worldwide. From the beginning of January, the CCP suppressed Li Wenliang and other doctors’ voices. The CCP shut Wuhan immediately after whistle-blower LuDe’s program on 19th of January. However, the CCP shut domestic transport but allowed travellers to go to overseas and spread the virus. Today, Dr Li-Meng Yan‘s mother has been arrested. All of this has shown clearly that the virus is the CCP virus and the CCP unrestricted bioweapon. Dr Li-Meng Yan exposed that Malik has secretly visited China twice in January. What he was doing in China? Was there anything secret? Malik was in an interview with Sri Lanka Sunday Times claimed that the virus originated from Wuhan seafood market, and no evidence shows there is the human-to-human transmission. Malik abruptly announced his resignation in May and returned to his home country of Sri Lanka, has not responded to Dr Li-Meng Yan’s testimony. What role did Malik play in the CCP biological war to exterminate humanity? Would he be killed by the CCP or face a justice trial? Let us wait and see.

Sri Lanka, as one of the important forces of the International Communist Union, has been deeply influenced by communism and Marxism Leninism. Many parties in parliament believe in Marxist Leninism and even Trotskyism. I believe Malik is an international communist extremist who hates universal values and even wants to destroy humans to terminate the United States as a beacon of liberal democracy. That is the reason why he became a monster. The ghost of communism still roams in human civilization. The world has stood on the precipice of the evil war of the CCP. Human beings couldn’t enjoy peace for one day if the evilest party exist for one day. Let us TAKE DOWN THE CCP together!

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6 months ago

why do the pandemics become so often after Malik setup the lab in hongkong at 1995?

6 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people



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