HongKong University has completely fallen, the Lennon Wall was forcibly demolished

Translated by Little Leaf; Reviewed by Wencheng

The highly symbolic Lennon Wall in the democratic movement in HongKong was repeatedly damaged. On September 26th, a crowd of middle-aged men and women went into the campus to damage the Lennon Wall, tearing the slogans and publicity about Anti-Extradition Law Amendment. Now the Lennon Wall in HongKong University was forcibly demolished, which implies that the universities in HongKong have gradually fallen under the bullying National Security Law.

The Undergrad, the Student Union of HongKong University declared that the school had the Lennon Wall demolished on the morning of 10th and had the Wall enclosed by a water-barrier, which is approximately 2 meters high.

The Undergrad claimed that the school had the Lennon Wall demolished this morning. The wooden board on the upper wall was torn down and the Wall was enclosed by an approximately 2-meter-high water-barrier with the guard of foreign security officers. The Undergrad expressed their regret that the continuation of their right to manage the stand was denied by the school due to political considerations. Yet the Student Union will keep on defending students’ freedom of speech and academic freedom. “Although the Lennon Wall in HongKong University was demolished, we can have Lennon Walls everywhere if only we have an iron will.”

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people