Under HongKong National Security Law, a middle school in HongKong modified its school rules, banning students from wearing black masks and carrying “unapproved” books

Translated by Little Leaf; Reviewed by Wencheng

Under HongKong National Security Law, the Lennon Wall on campus was forcibly demolished and a middle school modified its school rules, banning students from wearing black masks. The HongKong government is strengthening its control on students’ freedom of speech and behaviour. HongKong Pooi To Middle School modified many school rules in the new school year, including the rule banning students from carrying unapproved books or newspapers irrelevant to textbooks and that students have to wear masks of specified colors. Serious violation of school rules may result in expulsion from school.

The Local Concern Group revealing the news also pointed out that today (Oct.10th) the school wrote a letter to students and their parents. In the letter, the school first expressed their deep regret that the Conercn Group is not a formal school organization quoting out of context, and thus misleading students and the public should be criticized. Then they reiterated that politics shouldn’t be brought into school. The Concern Group responded to this on Instagram today that the school is actually restricting students’ freedom in the name of reducing the gray area.

The Concern Group argued that the modification of school rules will have enormous implication,  questioning the school’s choice of merely writing the letter to get rid of students’ doubts instead of giving students online lectures for open discussion.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people