10/06 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep255

1. The U.S. government intends to completely prohibit CCP members and their families from going to the United States, and revoke the visas of CCP members and their families in the United States and deport them.

2. On October 3, the CCP said that the launch of the Digital Museum of the Diaoyu Islands made Japan’s new chief cabinet uneasy. The CCP tried to use the Diaoyu Islands to divert the attention of the people and stir up national sentiments when the domestic economic situation was declining and public grievances arose.

3. The Chinese company Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) was officially sanctioned by the United States on October 4.

4. Guo Jiaqi uploaded a photo of the police dispersing citizens in Causeway Bay on Facebook that day, and described the police officers as: “A bunch of green objects, willing to serve as running dogs of the brutal regime, suppress the Hongkongers .” His remarks were criticized by the Chinese media, saying that he humiliated the police.

5. During the National holiday, the CCP carried out  Red Tourism to brainwash the people.

(Note: Red tourism is to visit locations with historical significance to Chinese Communism “to rekindle their long-lost sense of class struggle and proletarian principles.”)

6. The exchange of power and money in the Communist Party of China: Case 1: Monopoly companies have huge losses. In the first quarter of this year, PetroChina lost 180 million yuan a day. It asked the government for help and subsidies. China National Railway Group lost 95.5 billion yuan in the first half of the year. Case 2: A government official asked his daughter who was a bank account manager to launder money for him: covered up and concealled the criminal proceeds of the official more than 64 million yuan.

7. Two dirty police officers of the CCP beat up a citizen badly. The crowd of onlookers couldn’t bear it, and they took action to stop the police. Violent law enforcement officers can be seen everywhere in the Communist Party of China, wantonly bullying the people. There is no human dignity or human rights. People in democratic countries cannot imagine the tragic situation of the people under CCP regime.

8.  (Sen. Cotton, with Fox News Channel, 10/4) Their mockery of President Trump calls to mind what I’ve said since early January, it’s serious and highly contagious. There is one Party and one Party only that is responsible for all the Americans who have been affected by this virus to include President Trump, those who have lost a job or fallen ill or even lost a loved one, and the responsible Party is the Chinese Communist Party for unleashing this plague on the world and lying about it from the beginning as they still lie about it today.

9.  (Rudy Giuliani, 10/3) Mr. President’s in the hospital becuase the White House does not have a machine if needed. So when they say excess of caution that’s what it means.

I tested negative, and I’m taking hydroxychloroquine for five days as a prophylactic as well as zinc because I believe that’s the most effective thing that you can do at the early stages.

10.  (10/5) The greatest achievement of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China is that we separate the Chinese people from the CCP and from the virus. The CCP does not represent this country.

But after we’ve made some headway, the CCP starts to use all of its demonic powers to drag the Chinese back. They want to isolate the Chinese people from the world and they want the entire world to hate the Chinese people.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people