The Unrestricted Silencing

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The unrestricted silencing is recklessly harbouring in the media’s love affair with ‘beating someone at their own game’.

This isn’t about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s life-long habit of dignifying the left media in the vortex of freedom of expression with its best efforts to connote Mao’s avatar and refer to the red book’s instructions so long as it goes, namely good old tale ‘Xi’s hands-on wonder of combating the pandemic’. But more about this:

‘You know, I want the CCP to be burnt to death too. But Trump…’

Some conversations with friends nowadays are not always chiseled and sawed in the precise aforementioned fashion, but the underlying pattern formulates the heart and soul of CCP’s another media silencing lovechild: truth is reported but the power of it phases out.

The New York Times:





The left media is effectively re-engineered, all in earnest pursuit of the CCP virus ideal: the head of ‘rebuking’ President Trump, the paws of unearthing the CCP’s human right abuses and pandemic coverup, and the body of debunking Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s papers.

Our Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters are always thankful for the left media that is nonetheless in partake of the course of taking down the CCP, regardless of its promiscuous manner. For it amounts to the goals of distributing information and gaining public attention to the origin of the virus, and the inviolable truth of the CCP’s evil core. But the left media traces the strategic recipe of claiming assaults on the CCP, hoarding reputations of justice and peace as camouflage, while legally firing on bomber jets across ‘Trump zone’ and ‘Dr.Yan territory’.

Dr. Yan, along with her papers being simulated into a ‘misinformation’ protocol, and the world experts nodding her position being classified as a fraud to science and a disgraceful political inclination to the Trump administration and Rule of Law Foundation, suddenly finds herself silently alleged with an insurrection against justice and peace for humanity. How convenient.

The narrative: the CCP is demonic (and should be taken down) (noise); the doctor is associated with Trump/the papers aren’t peer-reviewed, therefore what she claimed are fraudulent (noise); Trump allows a scientific fraud to be distributed – worse crime. Let’s focus on removing Trump from the office (signal, though the President winning again is one of the signals).

The CCP is striking the chord of playing the villain as we expected, but the storyline, betokening the antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) phenomenon, launches attacks on our own honest stand against the CCP, mocks the values of Rule of Law Foundation, the Whistleblower Movement, Dr. Yan’s papers, and defames Mr. Miles Guo, Mr. Steve Bannon and Dr. Yan.

Our potential allies of the audience in fact have truth marshaled at their front doors but the power of it is yet to be activated in this unrestricted warfare. As we march on, it is indispensable to excavate the mines of truth exposed being disparaged into noise when the time demands everyone on deck to remove the CCP right now, right away.

Author: Joyphie 【㊙️G-Translator Authentic Group】

Proofreader: Squirrel

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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