Licensed Suspended Teacher With Lifetime Access Limit to Campus; Attorney: Serious Freedom Deprivation

Translation: Wen Fen; Reviewer: Wencheng

An elementary school teacher at Alliance Primary School, Kowloon Tong, was accused of planned spreading ”Hong Kong Independence” information, that was removed by Education Bureau for ”serious unethical behavior”.

According to the Education Ordinance, removed faculty members are restricted from working in any schools. Chong Yiu Kwong, an attorney, tells Hong Kong Inmedia that some codes set a restrictive limit on faculty personal freedom in an extreme manner. He uses some examples to demonstrate that involved teachers cannot accompany their children to school for meeting parents, return to their Alma mater for alumni activities, or even vote at school poll stations as a voter.

Mr. Chong thinks that the Ordinance was originally to protect children, not to foresee that the teachers could be easily removed from schools like this. He doubts that ”Why so draconian?” He suggests that the authorities review the current regulations and only set limits for felon, sexual, and child abuse cases.

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7 months ago

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