【Hong Kong News】Optical Disk of Documentary “PolyU Siege” Sent For Review But Returned in Broken Pieces

Translated by CPA Jim; Reviewed by Wencheng

Picture source: TheStandNews

As reported by the Stand News on 8 October, the Hong Kong Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration(OFNAA) announced that PolyU Siege is Rated Grade III on the ground that part of depictions and filmed behaviors were evaluated to possibly have violated current ordinances. OFNAA stated that besides highly frequent rude remarks filmed, there was a large part of the careful depiction of serious criminal offenses and even scenes of youths’ using deadly weapons, on which such grade was concluded.

The optical disk of PolyU Siege turned into pieces upon return. OFNAA answered that when the inspector was playing the film, one of the optical disk went into pieces in the optical disc drive.

However, we all know this documentary is the witness of real Hong Kong history.

Resource: https://test.gnews.org/zh-hans/413478/

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people