【Hong Kong News】Liang Zhenying’s Facebook poster rejects the delisted teacher as a “super virus carrier” and urges the Education Bureau to publicize his identity [Tracking Report]

Translator: EA; Reviewer: Wencheng

[According to Inmediahk media report on October 7th] a teacher from the Kowloon Tong Missionary Primary School was accused of “systematically producing teaching materials to spread the information of Hong Kong independence” and was disqualified as a teacher by the Education Bureau. Liang Zhenying accepted the live talk with Ge Peifan today, who is the DAB Legislative Council member.

Liang Zhenying “fired” to the Education Bureau, teachers and the Mission Primary School, urging to disclose the identity of the delisted teacher. He also described the teacher as a “super virus carrier” who must be quarantined, saying that such a person would “poison students” and any “condemnation” “and “warning” are both useless.

Since October 3rd, Liang Zhenying has posted 26 consecutive posts on his Facebook account to attack the Education Association, the Education Bureau and the Kowloon Tong Missionary School. Liang Zhenying clamored that the incident was because parents had the opportunity to learn that their children’s daily classroom content was exposed during the epidemic, otherwise such teachers would continue to teach. He asked the Education Bureau to publicize the teacher’s information, so as to prevent the school and the current teachers from injustice.

Liang Zhenying also claimed that the incident was not a general personal failure, but a political standpoint. He even described some teachers as “super virus carriers” and must be quarantined.

He pointed out that 1,400 people under the age of 18 were arrested during the Anti-ELAB Movement campaign. He believes that it is no longer a peaceful and prosperous age, and “exceptional measures must be used in extraordinary times”, “the Education Bureau’s program must be changed”, and if it doesn’t disclose the delisted teachers’ personal information, he will file a lawsuit in the court in the name of “803 Fund”. He also stated that if individuals such as Missionary Primary School and other institutions do not disclose the names of their delisted teachers, they may also have to go to court.

Liang Zhenying emphasized that the school does not have so-called political neutrality, and suggested that Missionary Primary School should hold a flag-raising ceremony every day, saying that freedom of speech has a bottom line, and Hong Kong independence has no way to discuss.

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