Hongkong’s education system will abandon “One Country Two Systems,” as People’s Daily ordered building a new system

Translated by billwilliam; Reviewed by Wencheng

On October 9, the CCP continued its assault against Hongkong’s education system. The CCP’s mouthpiece, People’s Daily, published an article advocating for “zero tolerance” against teachers supporting HK’s independence. The People’s Daily also stressed that the Education Bureau made a critical corrective step to revoke an elementary school teacher’s license.

The CCP’s media called Hongkong’s education system “morbidly ill,” because colonial British education was not fully eliminated and nationalist education didn’t take root. The CCP’s propagandist media also attacked education associations and student unions controlled by opposition parties, calling them “accomplices.”

Moreover, the People’s Daily called for abandoning the “One Country Two Systems” policy in the education system, emphasizing that education in HK must have distinct sovereign characteristics.


Hongkong’s best treasure is its education system, which trains young talents in free thinking. The CCP wanted to impose its brainwashing education upon Hongkongers to enslave them.

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灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people