The Chinese Communist Party Regime Must Be Replaced

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The totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has controlled and enslaved Chinese people for over 71 years since it took over China in 1949. Over the past few decades, the CCP regime has been creating countless tragedies in China by slaying millions of people, taking away freedom, and destroying Chinese traditional culture, history, and moral values.  Some questions must be raised: why has the CCP been allowed to commit those crimes for such a long time? What can we do to prevent it from being happening again moving forward?

The criminal acts by the CCP up to now

1) During the first 30-year of the CCP regime, the Party had mainly focused on enhancing its ruling power by launching consecutive political movements in China along with brainwashing Chinese people with its claim of socialism superior to capitalism.  From “Zhen Fan”, the suppression of counter-revolutionaries, and the Three and Five Antis, to the Anti-rightist Campaign and the Cultural Revolution, amid which millions of ordinary Chinese including the CCP’s opponents lost their lives by either being murdered or committing suicide, and numerous survivors as the victims of CCP’s political persecution were humiliated publicly and ended up being sent to CCP’s remote labor camps to be tortured there.

2) Through the land reform and the public-private partnerships in the early 1950s, the CCP regime robbed millions of their properties and assets. From 1958 to 1962, the CCP’s Chairman Mao launched a campaign called “the Great Leap Forward” to reconstruct the economy through the form of people’s communes. What it brought to the country was the famous “3-year great famine”, during which more than 30 million people died of starvation.

3)  In the late 1970s, the cultural revolution left China nothing but a near-death economy and social chaos. The post-Mao CCP leaders seemed to realize the risk and tried to make some efforts to change the situation. They initiated a new campaign named “the Reform and Opening-up, which was essentially an approach for the Party to richen its elites by using their political power to fully control all resources as well as taking advantage of the western democracy and favorable policies. After the decades of so-called “economic reform”, the Chinese governments at all levels are now run by corrupt officials who can be as wealthy as a country while the majority of ordinary people still live in poverty, and the CCP regime has lost its credibility in people.

4) The CCP acts no differently from a criminal organization. They have committed a heinous crime by trampling on constitutional citizens’ rights through arresting and killing those who criticize the government. Dissidents in China are often either jailed or disappeared mysteriously. The most recent example is the suppression of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, there have been over ten thousand young people being arrested or murdered by the CCP police.

5)The CCP has created social polarization between its elites and ordinary people. On one hand, it imposes heavy taxes on civil business, on the other hand, it invests very little in education, medical and health, and retirement benefits for its own people. The CCP elites and their families still control the most resources and leave others in a miserable life of no protection and security.

6) The CCP has downgraded the overall moral values of Chinese people that only money and power talk nowadays. The CCP regime is only after capital while downplaying civilization development and environmental protection. The CCP has contributed largely to the worldwide environmental pollution and dumped counterfeit goods to every corner of the earth.

7) The CCP is against the deities of all religions and it wants to replace God. The Party has fiercely suppressed Tibentan Buddhists, Muslim Uighurs, Falun Gong practitioners as well as Chritians. The CCP authorities force people to replace Christian imagery with its leaders’ pictures and start worshiping the leaders, and it is said they were rewriting the Bible!

8) The CCP infiltrates and controls western politicians via “BGY” program,  which consists of “Blue” (control the Internet), “Gold” (buy influence with money), and “Yellow” (seduce key people with sex), and spreads corruption around the world. More and more evidence have been exposed to show how significant the CCP’s influence is on international society of both economy and politics.

9) The CCP is an anti-human terrorist organization. The CCP army produced and unleashed the coronavirus in the late 2019 as a bio-weapon in order to further dominate the world, and millions have been killed by the CCP virus since then. Dr. Yan Limeng has published two science reports to explain how the CCP manufactures the virus and why it is a bio-weapon. The CCP is the greatest threat to the entire world and mankind!

What allows the CCP to maintain its rule over China for years

The reasons why the CCP is able to dominate the mainland of China can be explained in multiple aspects, such as historical factors, domestic and international environment, the deceptive feature of the CCP and so on.

1) From the historical point of view, China failed to open up its doors to the world until the last imperial dynasty of Qing when the Industrial Revolution spelled doom for the Dynasty in the late 19th century. Since then till the CCP took over the country, China had been a warzone in Asia, from the First/Second Opium War and  the Boxer Rebellion to Chinese Civil War and Sino-Japanese War, during which Chinese people suffered tremedous casualties and were eager for peace and recovery. Seizing the great opportunity, the CCP borrowed the ideology of communis from the Soviet Union and introduced Marxism to China. With the fake promises to the Chinese people that communism and Marxism would bring a better future in China, the CCP gained the support of Chinese people which helped the CCP in defeating Kuomintang and taking over the country.

2) The domestic and international political environment favored the CCP during the civil war time. The CCP claimed itself the representative of democracy, freedom and fairness, and meanwhile, it launched propaganda aganist the ruling power of Kuomintang by telling people how corrupt the current goverment was so as to get public opinion on its side. The CCP also received financial and military aids from the Soviet Union. On the U.S. side, the government sent General Marshall to China in 1945 with the purpose of unifying the Nationalists and Communists to form a strong and non-communist China to act as a bulwark against the encroachment of the Soviet Uninon, but the Marshall Mission failed and ended up assisting the CCP in overthrowing Kuomintang government.

3) The CCP excels in taking advantage of human weakness of the lack of ability to separate truth from lies especially with the help of its powerful propaganda tool to control people’s minds. In the early time after the CCP took over the country, it started inciting hatred among people, particularly towards the rich and wealthy families. The poor were encouraged by the CCP to plunder the rich and claim the ownership of whatever they robbed of in the absence of the rule of law, and then the CCP followed and took the poor’s ownership away through nationalzation campaigns. Even in the modern time, Chinese people still don’t have private lands, and the CCP can claim people’s property or assets anytime by making their regulations or laws to only serve the party’s interests. The CCP doesn’t allow free moves within the country in order to better control and slave its people, and there are no democracy, freedom, and rule of law existing in today’s China.

The New Federal State of China will replace the CCP evil regime

The anti-human CCP regime is being condemned by not only the Chinese people but also the rest of the world, and it will be eliminated from the earth eventually. The Whistleblower Movement’s (WM) mission is to reveal the CCP’s disguise and replace the evil regime with the New Federal State of China( NFSC).  How do we make sure the new government works for its people? There are some takeaways from what we have discussed above about the CCP:

1)Civil rights,  freedoms of speech, assembly and transfer, individual privacy, private assets, and the will of pursuing happiness must be protected by the government. Any violations of the forementioned rights or freedoms must be prohibited at all government levels, which must be written into laws.

2) We must be alert of any propaganda coming from governments and political parties that advocates hatred. The CCP teaches people to hate everything, but the NFSC people are law-abiding and peace-loving, and we commit to creating an everlasting harmony with the rest of the world.

3) We must establish an effective system to monitor the government, and be entitled to say no to government officials when they don’t follow rules and laws. With the supervision of people, the governmental corruption will be incredibly reduced. More importantly, the judiciary must be independent from the other governmental branches.

4) Everybody must have the voting right, which is the core of the democratic system of government.

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