The CCP Revisited 11, What is the Biggest Threat in the World Today?

Authors: Education Group of M.O.S_Himalaya

There is an old Chinese saying, “He who steals the hook shall be executed, and he who steals the country shall be a marquis”.

Someone has summed up Nazi Germany’s propaganda strategy as, “Always choose the big lie over the small; the masses will believe it more readily.” The reason is that “Everyone lies. We tell ourselves and others small lies. As highly social creatures we learn that others also tell similar small lies. We learn to tell lies, to hear lies and to watch for the lies of others. But we are not prepared to tell big lies or to recognize big lies when we encounter them. We lack the audacity to tell big lies, the expectation that others will believe them, and the ability to imagine ourselves getting away with it. This is normal.”

Simply put, most people can spot a small lie at a glance, but they cannot see through a big lie. Or, rather, the lie is so big that it is beyond their cognitive capacity. Both the Chinese Communists and the Nazis are well aware of this feature of mass psychology. It’s the reason why they have been able to grow so quickly and come across so little restraint. For the international community, the CCP has an additional layer of protection, the natural barriers to communication created by a unique culture and language.

The same is true of evil. Most people can see through small evil easily. When evil gets too great, people instead turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Even if someone occasionally comes forward to expose it, they are instead blamed for impacting the fragile public psyche and end up being treated by everyone as crazy people talking crazy.

The hardest part of understanding the CCP is to fully recognize the extent of its evil. Once one realizes that the CCP is a devilish organization with literally no bottom limit, and then re-examines all its words and deeds in history, one will be able to see through them instantly. The CCP’s system of reverse elimination determines that it is only suitable for the survival of mediocre talents, and geniuses must first become mediocre in order to survive.

Since World War II, the Western world has made enemies of the Soviet Union and Russia, but it regards the CCP, which is also of communist origin and has a collection of evils from both the East and the West, as its partner. Anyone who thinks about it for a moment will find this unbelievable. What is Russia’s position in the world today? According to 2019 World Bank data, Russia and South Korea have GDPs of $1.7 trillion and $1.64 trillion respectively, but Russia is 78 times the size of South Korea! For reference, China’s most developed province, Guangdong, also had a GDP of $1.52 trillion in the same year.

What can today’s Russia come up with, other than its nuclear weapons, natural resources, and Putin the Great’s muscle show? But behind almost every authoritarian dictatorship in the world today, we see the shadow of the Chinese Communist Party, including Russia. Making the biggest enemy a friend was the biggest mistake the civilized world could have made, and they are now paying a devastating price for it. About a year ago, the evil Chinese Communist Party quietly waged World War III against all humanity, seeking victory amidst chaos. One year later, the world is still asleep. What are we waiting for? What else will it take to wake the world up from the illusion of peace?

The bells of doom are ringing and the century-old edifice of the Chinese Communist Party is beginning to creak. The good people of the world, however, should be under no illusions. Think that the CCP will quietly bow like a gentleman and exit the stage of history without leaving any mess behind. This perception of the CCP will only make a bigger and more deadly mistake! The CCP today is like a trapped beast. There is no doubt that it will be willing to drag the entire world to hell just for itself to survive!


1,Former Minister of Defense of China on the “American Issue”, “biological weapon”, etc. (EN) (CHN)

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