The CCP Revisited 10, Two Major Misconceptions about the CCP

Authors: Education Group of M.O.S_Himalaya

The two most common mistakes people make in understanding the CCP are overestimating its intelligence and underestimating its evil. As mentioned earlier, the CCP is a vast reverse-elimination machine. The inevitable result of reverse elimination is that the truly talented and virtuous are eliminated, while the evil mediocrities are promoted. In fact, anyone who wants to win out of the CCP’s meat-grinder system has only one choice: to make themselves more evil than they were in the past, and more evil than their competitors.

There is hardly a single person in the world who believes the fact that the Chinese Communist Party has developed the coronavirus and deliberately introduced the epidemic into the international community, except for the very few who are well informed. For one may wonder, what is the advantage of the CCP doing this? From the perspective of human thinking, it seems that the CCP has nothing to gain in doing so. Just imagine, as the biggest beneficiary of the current international order, why did the Chinese Communist Party take the initiative to break it? To answer this question, we still have to return to its evil nature. Since it came to power in 1949, the CCP has always regarded the United States as its greatest imaginary enemy, and even when diplomatic relations were established between China and the United States in 1979, the CCP did not give up this idea, only that its propaganda was not as high-profile as before. Ordinary Chinese know this, and it’s impossible for Americans who deal with the CCP to fail to notice it if they pay just a little attention. But unfortunately, they ultimately chose to ignore it.

Even the whole world is willing to accept it in good faith, the Chinese Communist Party is well aware that, by its very nature, it cannot coexist with a civilized society headed by the United States. The establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States in 1979 was only due to the necessity of survival after the devastating Cultural Revolution, and the easing of sanctions by the United States after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 not only allowed the CPC to escape punishment it deserved, but also made it realize the danger of being subjected to the United States in the long run. This was the fundamental motivation for the CCP to increase its research and development of biochemical weapons, for it knows very well that, with China’s backward technological level, to surpass the US in aircraft and missile carriers is undoubtedly a daydream. There is only one way to defeat the United States, unrestricted warfare, and biological and chemical weapons are the CCP’s first choice if it has to wage an unrestricted warfare.

In order to fully recognize the nature of the CCP, we must break through our traditional mindset. The example of the CCP virus (COVID-19) outbreak will clearly illustrate the huge differences between Chinese and Westerners in terms of common sense and intuition.

On January 19, 2020, Mr. Lu De, a self-media personality who specializes in tracking Mr. Guo’s Whistleblower Movement, claimed for the first time in the world that the SARS-like virus that occurred in Wuhan is closely related to the CCP military, and that the virus can be transmitted from person to person with strong mutability and the possibility of a major outbreak exists. According to the figures released by the CCP at the time, there were only 62 confirmed cases! Ms. Limeng Yan, who tipped off Mr. Lu, is a double doctor of medicine and immunology from the WHO P3 reference laboratory at the University of Hong Kong. She is a loyal viewer of Mr. Lu’s channel, but the two had never been in contact before. After receiving the information, Mr. Lu was deeply concerned about the situation and knew that an inaccurate report would have serious consequences not only for his channel but also for the Whistleblower Movement. In the next few days, after Dr. Yan’s detailed explanation, coupled with his own common sense and intuition formed from his years of dealing with the CCP, Mr. Lu chose to side with Dr. Yan, believing and accepting the latter’s shocking conclusion that the virus was a biochemical weapon of the CCP.

Three days later Mr. Luther relayed the message to Mr. Bannon, long known as a hardliner on China, only to be met with Mr. Bannon’s reflexive response, “Many Americans call me an extremist, but your story is crazy (even for me)! No one will believe it!” Fortunately, Bannon was finally convinced and the message reached the White House. On Jan. 31, President Trump announced the suspension of all flights from China to the United States.

Just imagine, if Dr. Yan had revealed the information not to Mr. Luther but directly to Mr. Bannon, even though the latter has been working with Mr. Guo, the initiator of the Whistleblowing Movement for three years and arguably understands more about the evil nature of the CCP than any American, it is very likely that he would still have rejected Dr. Yan’s story. It follows that the CCP is so deeply evil that it is even beyond Bannon’s imagination, let alone that of the average Western citizen! It is this huge gap in perceptions between Chinese and foreign societies that provides a vast space for the evil Chinese Communist Party to exist with impunity to this day!


1, On January 19, 2020, Mr. Luther announced to the world for the first time via his YouTube channel, based on Dr. Limeng Yan’s revelations, that the SARS-like virus in Wuhan was closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s military, that the virus could spread from person to person, that it was highly mutable, and that there was the potential for a major epidemic outbreak. (CHN)

2, An about-20-year-old speech made by the former Minister of Defense of China on the “American Issue”, on how to “clean up America with non-destructive weapons e.g, bioweapons”, and on CCP’s “nuclear bondage” strategy, i.e., “If we, the CCP, are finished, China will be finished, and the world will be finished.” etc. (EN) (CHN)

(to be continued)

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

6 months ago

Dear Changdao, I like to read your report and it is important to spread it out that many people will know about the crimes of the CCP. However on G-News are not so many people who will read it. I recommend to look for addtional opportunities and ways to attack the CCP. Many of the News Papers artilces about different cases in China – USA or other countries relations offer opportunities to make a personnel comment to the articles. Let us use this opportunity to make comments. If you go to comments of the articles, you will find a lot… Read more »